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The United Reformed Church is situated in Fore Street, the present church being built in 1811. Its pleasing exterior is constructed of local, natural stone which complements the older dwellings in the village. The single-pitched tiled roof is another feature which enables the interior to be free of any pillars. The high, wooden ceiling makes the acoustics particularly good.

The wide pulpit has a brass oil lamp at each end, all that remain from 1865 when the church converted from candles to paraffin lamps. The Communion table has two goblets and one of the three plates presented to the church by eight ladies on November 2nd. 1815. The three chairs used by the presiding minister, and two servers at communion services, were given to the church by the Revd. Walters in 1960. The single manual organ came from a redundant Parish Church in Horfield, Bristol, and was installed in 1980.The Manse was built at the same time as the present church. A Schoolroom was added to the church in 1863 by friends of education, and was reduced to single storey when major renovations were carried out in 1993. These consist of a pleasant meeting room, small kitchen and toilet facilities. 

The inhabitants of Winsham worshipped together from the time Christianity came to the village until 1662, when an Independent Congregation gathered together under the leadership of the Rev. William Ball. He was ejected from the living of St.Stephen's following the passing of the Act of Uniformity in that year. About two thousand clergymen who refused to sign all 39 Articles were, after the 24th of August, ejected, deprived of income and not permitted to preach or teach under pain of imprisonment. Their faith and convictions must be admired for taking this step, particularly at the time of the year, deliberately chosen to have the greatest impact on their livelihood as the tithes were due. Several prominent families supported the cause and the congregation must have met in various houses. 

The Toleration Act and Bill of Rights of 1689 made it possible for the congregation to lease a house and set it up for worship in 1703, the minister being the Rev. S. Bolster. Another milestone was the erection of a new chapel in 1760, when Mr Henley was the minister. He was a member of one of the many "county families" who supported the Independent Cause. He, from Leigh, and another local prominent dissenter was Mr. John Tomer from North Cricket. A full list of ministers, pastors and evangelists who served at Winsham may not exist, existing records can be found in this web museum (see link to Historical document Index above). Many of the evangelists ministered in the village while studying for their examinations, under the tutelage of a neighbouring Congregational minister. The first reference about Winsham being a Congregational Church was the "call" to the Revd. John Hemsworth in 1791. 

In 1972 the United Reformed Church was formed with the joining together of the Presbyterian and Congregational Churches and later on the Churches of Christ. Some congregations didn't join and most now belong to the Congregational Federation. 

The London Missionary Society was founded in 1795. Among the earlier missionaries were David Livingstone and John Williams, the latter being a martyr in the South Seas.

As the ejection was put in force in 1662, the Universities were closed to Dissenters, so various Dissenting Academies were formed and by the mid-eighteenth century were "providing an education far greater in range and depth than could in fact be had at Oxford or at Cambridge." 

One of the traditions of the non-conformist churches has been its good hymn singing and the great hymn writers, Isaac Watts and Philip Doddridge are perhaps the best known Congregationalists. 

The congregation of the U.R.C. comprise folk of most Christian traditions. Congregational, Methodist, Baptist, Anglican and probably more. The present minister is the Revd. John McMinn M.A.

History Records

Liz James, daughter of Michael Hebditch, Chapel Secretary and Organist for many years, has recently  completed the formidable task of transcribing many of the historical documents relating to the church into digital form. As will be seen from the pictures  of some of these original source documents, it is a task that took a great deal of care and attention requiring great personal effort. The Winsham Web Museum is very grateful to the Chapel for allowing these archives to be reproduced.

The records are to be found in what is known in Winsham as the 'Green Book'.  This volume was purchased around 1860 at the suggestion of the Rev. John Cook Westbrook. Its purpose was the recording the important aspects of the management of Congregational Chapels or Meeting Houses.

The inside front cover has pasted to it Advice and Suggestions for its use, written by John Blackburn, Statistical Secretary to the Congregational Union, dated December 1847.  It has sections for Minutes (with advice as to how prepare the Minutes), Membership, Births, Deaths and Marriages, etc. At the start of the volume a copy of the 'Rules of the Somerset Association of Congregational Churches' is also affixed, dated May 1873. It also contains a copy of updated rules that were adopted at meetings of the church specially convened and  adopted in 1874.

When this record book came into use, existing records of the Chapel were copied for posterity, after which more regular day to day records were kept. Ironically, The Rev. John Westbrook who suggested the book's acquisition, was not very good at using it himself, perhaps due to his poor health, and weakened by 'the mass ofsin and error which for so long had been accumulating in this place' and it was not until he left Winsham in 1862 that the transcriptions began to be made and proper use started.

Winsham Chapel Graveyard: 1838-1878

Double Plot with 3 in grave nearest chapel, 6 in the next

Names given:
Mr Chaffey
Mrs Webb Chaffey
Mrs Chaffey

Single Plot
A relative of Mrs Frankham

Single Plot
Mr Aux, Mrs Durnford, Miss Victoria Evans, Arabella Gooby daughter of Rev W Gooby, Clara M T Gooby, Elizabeth Gooby and Samuel Roy infant son of Mr Roy Butler, Cricket St Thomas

Mr Trenchard’s Vault

Single Plot
Mr Smith’s child – 1832

Single Plot
Lydia Loaring – 1833

Single Plot
Thomas Smith
William Loaring – 1834

Single Plot
Mrs Glyde’s children

Single Plot
Mr Glyde

Single Plot
Eliza Glyde
Sarah Glyde – 1870

Single Plot
Mr Glyde and two daughters

Single Plot
Mr & Mrs Palmer, 2 here –1841

Single Plot
Mr Robert Fowler & Mrs Anstice Fowler, John Fowler’s child
Room for no more

Single Plot
James Fowler & his Wife – 1838 - 2 here

Single Plot
Mr Baker’s son – 1833 - 1 here

Single Plot
Mr Fowler and his son also Mrs Fowler – brick Plot - 3 here

Single Plot
Mr Bennett, Mrs Bennett 1878
Brick Plot
Room for no more

Single Plot
Mrs Joan Bennett
Mr William Trenchard’s Vault
Mrs Ann Trenchard
Mrs W Trenchard

Single Plot
Mr Charles Norman and child 1852
In pencil Mrs Norman

Single Plot
Mr Glyde and John Norman – 1850 - 2 here, one more

Above gives the graves on the left-hand side as you enter the church gate.

Below gives the graves on the right-hand side as you enter the church gate.

Single Plot
Sarah Stower

Single Plot
Wife of Mr Toms – 1844

Single Plot
Betty Bowditch and Mary Bowditch - 2 here

Single Plot
Joseph Hawker and his wife Mary Hawker - 2 here

Single Plot
Stanton - 2 here

Single Plot
Mary Stanton - 2 here

Single Plot
Sarah Stanton

Single Plot
Proper and George Bowditch 1854 - 2 here

Single Plot
Mary Prosser – 1844

Single Plot

Single Plot
Joseph Stanton
Joan Stanton

Single Plot
Mr Whites child
Henry Hitchcock

Single Plot
Mr White’s child

Single Plot
Mrs Mary Turner
Mrs Sarah Haydon
8ft deep

Single Plot
John Sprake – 1838 - 1 here

Single Plot

Single Plot
Philps & Anne Bulford – 1857 - 2 here

Single Plot
Mr Fry also Aaron Fry – 1854 - 2 here

Single Plot
Mary Hardyman, John Hardyman, Henry Hardyman

Single Plot
James Hardyman, Mary Slade Hardyman – 1864

Single Plot
Ann Aldous Hitchcock – 1840
Henry Hitchcock – 1862
Sabrina Hitchcock – 1871

Single Plot
Jane Hitchcock

Single Plot
Ann Lembry – 1831
Ann Perham – 1862

Single Plot
Fanny Lembry – 1829

Single Plot
Mrs Berry – Dec 31 1845
And another 1830

Graves behind the Chapel building – access through the Manse garden

Single Plot (gravelled over)
S. Porter – 1844
Y Porter 1838
And daughter

Single Plot (gravelled over)
Thomas Porter

Mr Symes
Elizabeth Symes 1837
Mr Godsell

Roll of Church Members: 1772-1925

343 entries from 1772-1791, 1799-1831 and 1838-1925, transcribed by Liz James.
Use the search to find specific people or view up to 100 entries at a time.

NameAgeResidenceOccupationDate of AdmissionMode of AdmissionAdmission/DismissionGeneral RemarksInstruments of Conversion
Rev John Hensworth Pastor1791The Pious Life of Christ
Hugh Trenchard deacon1791Died 1813Rev J Hensworth
Wm Glyde Senr deaconRemoved 1791Rev Mr Samuels
Wm Glyde Jnr deacon
Robt Fowler Senr deacon
Sarah Glyde SenrRemoved 1791Rev Mr Samuels
Mary CookRev Mr Samuels
Elizabeth Dampier
Elizabeth Shepherd1783Rev Mr Samuels
John Jeffery1772Died Feb 6 1793Rev Mr Phillips
William Bowing1788Removed 1790
Sarah Palmer1788Removed 1792
William Palmer1788Removed 1792
Mary Fowler
Sarah Bowditch1789Funeral sermon
Martha Fowler1788Revd Thos Davis
Mary WelmanMatthew Xi 28 ver
Abraham BrownseyMr Morgan
Edith RussellMr Morgan
Elizabeth Hodder1789Died 1791Mr Morgan
Elizabeth Cook1789Reflections on Eternity
Mary Macey1789Rev Thos Davis
Elizth Channing1789Died 1791Rev Thos Davis
Ishmael Coombs1790Rev Thos Davis
Sarah Coombe1790Rev Thos Davis
Wm Durnford ordained Pastor 1810-05-16Died Nov 30 1829
Hugh Trenchard - DeaconDied April 11 1813
Josh Hawker - Deacon1799-09-08Withdrew Jan 1817
Charles Larcombe1799-09-08
Benjamin Boon
Josh Stanton1806-02-23Baptised April 1811
Mary Hawker1799-09-08Withdrew Jan 1817
Susanna PeadonDied Sep 21 1817
Jane FowlerDied April 18th 1821
Ann Chaffey1802-01-17Died March 10 1831
Martha FowlerRemoved to Castle Cary
Sarah CoombesDied Aug 23 1815
Jane Hitchcock1799-11-27
Mary WelmanDied May 1827
Betty CookDied Feb 23rd 1811
Ann Aplin
Mary Macey
Fanny Peadon
Betty Stanton1800-11-02Died Jan 4th 1817
Mary Durnford1810-06-03
Thomas Smith1810-06-03
Sarah Smith1810-06-03
Hannah Hain1810-06-03
Job Russell1810-08-05
Richard Chaffey1810-08-26
John Chaffey1810-08-26
George Trenchard1810-08-26
George Burrige1810-10-28
Sus'a Trenchard1810-12-30
Mary Prosser1811-05-26
Martha Phillips1811-05-26
John Jeffery1811-12-01
Sarah Burrige1812-05-03
Thos Palmer1812-05-03Occasional
Charles Priest1812-05-31
Sarah Priest1812-11-29
Susannah Hawkings1812-11-29
Mary Stanton1813-09-26
John Pratt1813-10-31Removed to Castle Cary
Jas Hardiman
Thos Prosser1814-08-07Died Oct 21st 1816
Sarah Sprake1815-08-27
Elizabeth Symes1815-08-27
Ann Gapper1815-08-27
Wm Churchill1815-12-31
Jas Stanton1815-12-31
Elizth Margrie1816-01-28
Ann Broughton1817-05-25Removed to Kingsbridge 1818
Wm Lewis1818-06-07
Selina Manwaring1818-08-30Removed to Bristol
Josiah Baker1819-02-28
Abraham Crocker1821-08-26
Mary Smith1822-09-01
George Langford1827-06-10
Mrs George Trenchard1827-09-02
Thos Childs Pastor1830-05-02Died Jan 1st 1832
Anne Childs1830-05-02Removed
Mary Stanton1831-06-01
Ann Snell1831-10-07Removed to America
Elizabeth TrenchardWinshamGentlewoman183423rd September 1868 JMPTo the church above
Mary HardimanChurch St, WinshamSchoolmistress1828-06Died 1864
Susan White11849-11To the church in heaven1881-04-02
Sarah Rowsell2Ameram nr Winsham1841-06To the church triumphant1875-12-20
Sarah Dening GlydeChurch St, WinshamGentlewoman1845To the church above1870-02-06 JMP
Grace Ann ChaffeyMaudlinGentlewoman1847To the church under pastoral care of the Rev W Young BA, & assembling in the Congregational Chapel Paul St, Taunton, January 1870Left to reside in Taunton in 1868 - JPM
Mary Anstice Cossins GlydeBeer Chapel1857-06From Somerton Indp. ChLeft for Autralia in 1867 JMP
Mary Sophia Trenchard3Maudlin1846-10To the church triumphant 15th Aug 1877
Fanny Forsey4Winsham1858Dead
Harriet Webb ChaffeyMaudlin1860-02 Removed to Brighton in 1862 - see page 168
AplinThorncombe1860-08Fr Church at BridgewaterLeft 25tth March 1865 JMP
Richard Franks5WinshamLabourer1861-02Removed to London
Raymond1861-04Left the neighbhd 1862
Elizabeth ChaffeyMaudlin1861-04Transferred to the church under the pastoral care of Rev S Martin assembling in Westminster Chapel JMP Removed to London in 1866 - see page 168
Elizabeth BowditchMaudlin1861-04The the church above 23rd of August 1872 JMP
Mrs Grace Ann ChaffeyMaudlin1861-07To the church under the pastoral care of the Rev W Young BA, & assembling in the Congregational Chapel Paul St, Taunton, January 1870Left to reside in Taunton in 1868
Sarah WhiteWinsham1861-041863Removed to Bridgwater 1862
William SingletonWinshamTo the church above1876
Mary Singleton6WinshamTo the church above
Joseph Wellman7WinshamLabourerDeceased29 August 1886
Alexander TrotterForde AbbeyBayliff1858-01RemovedLeft in Janr 1863
Margaret TrotterForde Abbey1858-01RemovedLeft in Janr 1863
William GoobyThe Parsonage, WinshamPastor1862-02Removed 1864
Elizabeth Ann Gooby The Parsonage, Winsham 1862-02Died 1864
William GlydeBeer ChapelFarmer1862-05-22UnanimousLeft for Australia in 1867
Richard LarkhumShadrickBrick Burner1862-05-22Other Drawn from the church by the influence of the Plymouth Brethren
Fanny Marsh8MaudlinServant1862-05-22OtherLeft the neighbourhood JMP
David Singleton9Winsham1862-07-03OtherTo the church triumphant, 23 Oct 1874 Met with his death by a fall from a wagon in the parish of Dinnington a short distance from Lord Pouletts Lodge
Mary Roper10WinshamNone1862-09-04OtherTo the church triumphant, 21st Nov 1875
Mary HardimanWinsham1862-09-04Other 1864 Dismissed by unanimous vote of the church
Elizth RodhouseWinshamGoverness1862-09-04OtherLeft the neighbourhood. To the church in daventry the 25th aril 1873. JMP
Sabarine HitchcockShadrickDied January 1871
Sarah Ann Aplin11Winsham1862-10-02OtherDead
Samuel Aplin12WinshamWoolstapler1862-10-02OtherLeft the neighbourhood JMP
Sarah Meech13WinshamOtherLeft to be with JesusDead
George BonarForde AbbeyBayliff1863-01-29From the church at
Dinah BonarForde Abbey1863-01-29Fishguard, WalesRemoved to Bristol Jan 29 64
Sarah RaisenWinsham1864-12UnanimousDied
Martha C JoyWinshamCookUnanimousLeft for London Not registered at proper time by Mr Gooby
Rosa M JoyWinshamUnanimousLeft for London Not registered at proper time by Mr Gooby
Thomas M Prentice14WinshamMinister1865-01-17UnanimousFrom the pastorage of the church in Maryborough To the pastorage of the church at Tettenhall Wood nr Wolverhampton 29th Oct 1882
Jane R G Prentice15Winsham1865-02-04UnanimousFrom the church in Maryborough To the church at Tettenhall Wood nr Wolverhampton 29th Oct 1882
George EdwardsForde AbbeyGardiner1865-03-02Unanimous Removed from the neighbourhood July 1865
Elizabeth EdwardsForde Abbey1865-03-02Unanimous Removed from the neighbourhood July 1865
Jane Hussey16Forde Grange1865-03-02UnanimousGone to be with JesusJuly 11th 1894
Elizabeth Irish17WinshamHousekeeper1865-03-02UnanimousDeceased
Sarah J FrecknallWinshamDraper1865-03-02Unanimous Emigrated to Queensland Australia Sept 1865
Laurence White18WinshamBlacksmith1863Unanimous Not registered at proper time by Mr Gooby
William ChanningWinshamLabourer1865-06UnanimousDied 29th January 1873 JMP
Hannah Aplin19Boradinham1865-06UnanimousDead
Esther Norman20WinshamShopkeeper1865-06UnanimousStruck off Nov 1875
Sarah Hansford5MaudlinDairy woman1865-06UnanimousDied 6th October 1865 JMP
Emily Singleton21WinshamServant1865-09Unanimous Left the neighbourhood, struck off March 1874 JMP
Anne WelchHallowell1866-03UnanimousDismissed to the church at Waytown, Dorset April 1871 JMP
Sarah Forsey22Winsham1868-01UnanimousDead
Mary Bolt23WinshamServant1868-02UnanimousDead
Susan Frankham24WinshamGentlewoman1868-03UnanimousTo the church above30th November 1878
Susan WelchWinsham1868-11UnanimousDied in Broadway 20th March 1875, struck off 17th April 1873 JMP
Wauen25WinshamPoliceman1868-11Unanimous Left the neighbourhood, struck off March 1874 JMP
George Eveleigh26Hodge-ditch1869-01UnanimousTransferred from the church at Stock-sub-Hamdon Transferred to the Chard Congregational Church June 1875 JMP
Eliza StewardBeer House, ThorncombeGoverness1869-03UnanimousTransferred from the church in Ludlow, Salop and to the church in South Petherton in October 1872
Sarah SingletonWinshamDied 18th April 1869 Not registered at proper time owing to some mistake on the part of a former Pastor, JMP
Toms27ThorncombeDied 1876 Not registered at proper time owing to some mistake on the part of a former Pastor, JMP
Jack RandellWatleighHousekeeper1870-07UnanimousTransferred from the church at Morecombelake. To the church at Nailsea 15.7.73 JMP
Caroline Wyatt28BeerchapelFarmer1870-08UnanimousDeceased
Edward Pratt29WinshamCommission Agent1870-11UnanimousStruck off March 1882
James Hardyman21WinshamCarpenter1871-06UnanimousTo the Tabernacle Congregational Church Bristol 2.3.75 JMP
Mary HardymanWinsham1871-08UnanimousTransferred to the church above April 1873. JMP
Evangeline Wyatt19Bere Chapel1872-05UnanimousSept 1873 - Drawn away by the influence of the Plymouth Brethren
Sophia Trenchard16Winsham1872-05Unanimous Left for New Zealnd name retained until a home is found in some church in the new country. JMP
Sarah Trenchard21Winsham1872-07UnanimousTransferred to the Congregational Church at Wotton-underedge
Francis Eveleigh15Chard CommonPrinter1872-09UnanimousTo the Chard Congregational Church June 1875 JMP
Elizabeth Anne Trenchard18Beere, Thorncombe1872-11UnanimousTo the church triumphant 26th Aug 1881
Anne A Hitchcock35WinshamDrapers Assistant1872-12From Budcon Lane Baptist Church, Frome Married and removed to London struck off 29.12.78
Hugh Trenchard19Beer, ThorncombeCloth Manufacture1873-03Unanimous Left for New Zealand name retained until a home is found in some church in the new country JMP
William Wyatt37Benchapel, WayfordFarmer1873-03UnanimousTo the church triumphant28th Spet 1877
Susan Hardyman38Fore St, WinshamServant1873-06UnanimousFrom Bishops Hull Congregational Church Left the neighbourhood but not dismissed to any church JMP
Samuel Lock39Benchapel, WayfordDairyman1873-06UnanimousFrom Yarcombe Baptist church Left the neighbourhood, struck off 29.12.78
Sarah Lock40Benchapel, WayfordDairywoman1873-06UnanimousFrom Yarcombe Baptist church Left the neighbourhood, struck off 29.12.78
Jonah Trenchard41Axe Water, WinshamDairyman1873-12UnanimousTo the church triumphant on the 8th Dec 1874
Mary Rowe42Beer, ThorncombeServant1873-12Unanimous Married and removed to Lamberts Castle Hill struck off 29.12.78
Henry Rowe18Broadenham, WinshamLabourer1873-12Unanimous
Susie Prentice13The Manse, WinshamPupil at School1873-12Unanimous Dismissed to the Congregational Church at Tettenhall Wood, Wolverhampton 29th Oct 1882
Jane Prosser45Ameram, WinshamUnanimousTranslated 12.01.82 Omitted by some oversight on the part of a former Pastor
Betsey Cranton46Back St, Winsham1850UnanimousTo the church above 23 mary1880 Omitted by some oversight on the part of a former Pastor
Fanny Raison41Church St, WinshamWidow1874-03Unanimous Left the neighbourhood struck off 29.12.78
Annah Hussey48Shadrick, ThorncombeShepherds Wife1874-03Unanimous
Guy Trenchard19Church St, WinshamClerk1874-03Unanimous Left for New Zealand, name retained until a home is found in some church in the New Country JMP
William Lacey50Shadrick, ThorncombeCarter1874-03UnanimousDied April 26th 1916 age 76
Jonah Raisen51Church St, WinshamRetired Farmer1874-04UnanimousFrom Broadwindsor Congl churchDeceased - Oct 8th 1884
Polly White19 Bonnyham, Thorncombe 1874UnanimousDismissed to the church above 6.6.82
Susan Good53Fore St, WinshamFactory Hand1874-05UnanimousTo the church above Aug 78
John Samuel Prentice17Fore St, WinshamClerk1875-01Unanimous Dismissed to the Chard Congregational Church 29 Oct 1882
Harry WhiteHay Farm, WinshamBaker1875-01UnanimousFrom the Baptist Church UpotteryRemoved
Evangeline WyattBeauchapel, Wayford1875-03UnanimousTo the church above July 1880
Mary TurnerLeeHousekeeper1876-05UnanimousFrom Venn Congl. Church Married and removed to Langport, struck off 29.12.78
Mary Cox Western Way, Winsham 1877-03UnanimousDead
Amelia Trenchard19Church St, Winsham1877-10Unanimous Dismissed to the Congregational Church at Richmond 8th Oct 1882
Mary Letitia Trenchard18Beer, Dorset1877-10UnanimousGone abroad
Sarah Bishop Broadenham, Winsham 1877-10UnanimousMarch 1881Removed at her own request
Jane AplinBack St, Winsham1878-11Unanimous Translated to the Heavenly church 22 Feb 1881
William Rowe19Church St, Winsham1878-11UnanimousFebruary 1880 Dismissed in compliance with his own request
John ChickBack St, WinshamLabourer1879-07UnanimousRemoved by unanimous for continued absences from the Lords Table33817
Solomon HutchingsFore St, WinshamLabourer1879-08Unanimous
Ann Barlow Prentice15Fore St, Winsham1879-08Unanimous Dismissed to the Tettenhall Congregational Church near Wolverhampton 29th Oct 1882
Frank ForseyFore St, WinshamLabourer1880-03UnanimousDeceased
Harriet HutchingsFore St, Winsham1880-03Unanimous
Maurice FrancisFore St, WinshamGrocer1880-08UnanimousUnited to ye Wesleyans
Mary HutchingsBenchapel, WayfordServant1881-04UnanimousTransferred to Crewkerne Baptist Church Feb 1882
Thurza Channing Malthouses, Winsham 1881-04UnanimousLeft the church
Ellen Francis Pooles Lane, Winsham 1881-04Unanimous
Ellen MeechChurch St, Winsham1881-05UnanimousTransferred to Thorncombe
Francis Meechchurch St, WinshamHurdle Maker1881-06UnanimousFrom Crewkerne Baptist Church
Isaac FrancisPooles Lane, WinshamPoliceman1881-06UnanimousLef the church
Tom Phelps18West St, WinshamMason1882-02UnanimousLeft
Hugh Trenchard17Fore St, WinshamBlacksmith1882-02UnanimousRemoved by uanimous vote for irregularity of conduct Augt 1882
Tom Warren18Fore St, Winsham1882-02UnanimousRemoved by uanimous vote for irregularity of conduct Augt 1882
Charlotte FranksAxe Water, Winsham1882UnanimousLeft the church
Fanny RaisenChurch St, Winsham1882UnanimousDismiised from the Wesleyan Church in Swindon
Alfred GriffinThe Manse, WinshamPastor1883-01RemovedRemoved
Harriet GriffinThe Manse, WinshamPastor1883-01RemovedRemoved
John ChickChurch StreetLabourer1883-10VoteRemoved by vote of churchLeft the church
Elizabeth BowditchBonny Green1884-02-28VoteRemoved to church aboveDead
Mary BishopChurch Street, WinshamServant1884VoteRemoved from Church Roll for none attendanceLeft the church
Amelia Trenchard Church Street, Winsham 1885From the church at RichmondGone abroad
Ann SingletonBack St, WinshamLabourer's wife1885VoteRemoved to church aboveDead
Elizabeth WhtieForde Abbey, ThorncombeServant1886VoteRemoved from Church Roll for none attendanceLeft the church
Tom PhilpsWeston WayMason1886VoteGone to AustraliaGone to Australia
Sarah HusseyCourt RoadLabourer's wife1886VoteRemoved to church aboveDead
Annie WyattBere ChapelFarmers daughter1886VoteRemoved from Church Roll for none attendanceLeft the church
James Healy RouseChurch StreetGardener1887VoteRemoved from Church Roll for none attendanceLeft the church
Jemima WoodleyBroadleazeHousekeeper1881-05-31VoteRemoved from Church Roll for none attendanceLeft the church
D W BucklerTatworthGentleman1881VoteRemoved to church aboveDead
Elizabeth BucklerTatworthLady1888VoteRemoved to church aboveDead
Elizabeth RoweWinshamDressmaker1891VoteRemoved to church aboveDead
James HallWinshamPastor1892-11Removed to Templecombe ChurchRemoved
Sibyla Jane HallWinshamPastor1892-11Removed to Templecombe ChurchRemoved
Charles BeavisWinshamRetired Gamekeeper1892-12Vote
Mrs BeavisWinsham1892-12Vote
Henry MarksWinshamFarmer1892-12VoteLeft gone to SailsewayMov 1896
MarksWinsham1892-12VoteLeft gone to SailsewayMov 1896
Abigail JohnsonChurch StreetWidow1895-07-04Vote
Fred Wm King34The Manse, WinshamEvangelist1895-07-04VoteRemoved to Charmouth
Charles CumbletonGrange CottageShepherd1896VoteRemoved
Mrs CumbletonGrange Cottage1896VoteRemoved
Fred SpencerBack St, WinshamLabourer1896VoteDead
Edith LaceyWinshamServant1896Vote
Mrs KingThe Manse, Winsham1896Vote
Hugh TrenchardThe First, EnfieldGentleman1873VoteDismissed to Christ Church Congregational Chapel Enfield Removed from roll by mistake of late Pastor
Henry HammondThe Manse, Winsham1900TransferGone to Nettlebridge
Elizabeth HammondThe Manse, Winsham1900Gone to Nettlebridge
Solomon HutchingsBack St, WinshamLabourer1900
HutchingsBack St, Winsham1900
Henry D RoweShredruck, WinshamGardener1900
William LaceyBroadnam, WinshamLabourer1900
Charles BevisFore St, Winsham1900Dead June 01
BevisFore St, Winsham1900Removed
Mrs Pierce (late Hussey)Court St, Winsham1900
Miss AndressChurch St, Winsham1900
Miss Abigail JohnsonChurch St, Winsham1900Has moved to Broadwindsor
Miss Emily BowditchShredruck, Winsham1900Gone to Thorncombe Church
Mrs E SpencerBroadnam, Winsham1900Withdrawn
Edith ForseyFore St, Winsham1900
Emily CrookForde Abbey Garden1900Unanimous
Mr VernonWinsham1900Transfer Removed to Auckland, New Zealand Xmas 1900
Mrs VernonWinsham1900 from Sydney NSW Removed to Auckland, New Zealand Xmas 1900
Elsie VernonWinsham1900Vote of Church Removed to Auckland, New Zealand Xmas 1900
May ForseyChurch St, Winsham1900
John CrookForde Abbey GardenHead Gardener at Abbey1901Vote of Chch
Mr HuckerCricket House1901Vote of ChchLeft the place
John GoldsworthyFore St, WinshamPorter1901Vote of ChchGone to Brethren
Herbert GoldsworthyFore St, WinshamPorter1901Vote of ChchGone to London
Ellen BatstoneCourt St, Winsham1901Vote of Chch
William GolsworthyFore St, WinshamLabourer1901Vote
Mary GolsworthyFore St, Winsham1901Vote
C A CullenChurch StreetBaker1901VoteReceived with recommendation from Rev W House, Wesleyan Minsiter
Mary LawrenceDomestic1901Vote
George Good Jnr19The Gardener, Cricket HouseGardener1902
Miss Hammond24The ManseDraper1902-06
PuddyThe Jubilee HallRecom G & Mrs Rowe
John J JordanThe ManseEvangelist1903Mr Jordan, removed to Venn
Hannah E JordanThe Manse1903 Mrs Jordan removed to Venn, both membership transferred
Henry Hann moved 1907
Elizabeth Hammond
Solomon Hutchings (Deacon) Back StreetLabourerRemoved to Yeovil
Harriet HutchingsBack StreetRemoved to Yeovil
Henry Rowe (Deacon)SchudrickGardener
William LaceyMalthouseLabourer
Mrs PearceChurch Street
Thos AndrewsChurch StreetDied Dec 21st buried Dec 26th 1908
Sarah ForseyFore Street
John Crook (Deacon & Treasurer) Head GardenerFord Abbey Removed to Camberley, Surrey No application for transferance 31/08
Emily CrookFord Abbey Removed to Camberley, Surrey No application for transferance 31/08
Sarah Jane ForseyFore Street
Ellen BatstoneChurch Street Removed to Post Office, Ashford Common, Middlesex
William GoldsworthyFore StreetLabourer491
Mary GoldsworthyFore Street491Removed to Dorset
Charles A Cullen (Deacon)Church StreetBaker491
Mary LaurenceCricket HouseDomestic582Removed
George Good (Jnr)Cricket HouseGardener1902Removed to Bewdley, Shropshire
Mrs LaceyMalthouse1904
Herbert GoldsworthyWaterloo, LondonPorter
William NinemanChurch StreetRetired1908-03By transferfrom Seaton Cong ChurchRemoved to Seaton
May NinemanChurch StreetRetired1908-03 At Communion Desire of Pastor as she is worthy
Widow CookFore Street
Mrs Sarah SpurdleChurch Street1908Common Service
Edgar John StampThe Manse, WinshamPastor1911 Transfer from Honiton
Mary Louisa StampThe Manse, Winsham1911 Transfer from Honiton
Naomi BrownThe Manse, Winsham1912-08Transfer from Baptist Ch BournemouthResigned
Nellie Gertrude Van VyvenBlue House, WinshamNurse1913-12 Transfer from Reformed Church Rotterdam Holland
Sarah LoaringFore Street1914-07By confession
Pastor W J GadsbyFore Street1914-06Transferred from KingsdonTransferred to Congl Church Bps Hull 23.4.1918
Mrs M GadsbyFore Street1914-06Transferred from KingsdonTransferred to Congl Church Bps Hull 23.4.1918
Charles PhelpsWeston WayMason1914By confession
Mr Albert SmithFore StreetFarmer1914By confession
Mrs Rose PhelpsWeston Way1914By confession
Mrs Mary GreenChurch Street1917By confession
Mr Charles A CullenChillingtonBaker et.1915Re-joined
Frederick John Pavey40The MansePastor - Evangelist1918-05Transfer from MilvertonTo Kingston
Matilda PaveyThe ManseWife1918-05Transfer from MilvertonTo Kingston
Henry Hammond Retired Pastor - Evangelist
Elizabeth Hammondwife
Henry D Rowe (Deacon)Forde GrangeGardener1873-12
Mrs PearceChurch Street1874-03Passed away April 2nd 1920 Buried Rev W Hugh Phillips The Vicar, but at his request the Pastor (F J Pavey) read the lesson in the Church 7/4/20
Miss Sarah ForseyWynard1868-01Passed peacefully away Dec 25th 1919Only laid up a few days
Mrs Sarah Jane ForseyFore Street
William GoldsworthyFore Street1901Deceased date?June 21st 1922
Mrs Mary GoldsworthyFore Street1901Deceased date?June 21st 1922
Mrs CookCourt StreetWidow1908In fellowship with the Plymouth Brethren, Winsham Worship at the Gospel Hall on a/c age. Wishes membership transferred HJH
Mrs Emily SpurdleChurch Street
Miss Fanny ForseyWynard1909-12LeftAddress unknown
John Jeremiah JordanCourt StreetRetired Pastor Evangelist1911
Mrs JordanCourt Street1911
Mrs GoodChurch Street1911
Mrs BridleHigh StreetWidow1911
Mrs StroudBroadenham1911
Nellie Gertrude Van VyvenBlue HouseNurse1913-12 Transfer from Reformed Chuch Rotterdham, Holland Returned to Holland
Mrs Sarah LoaringFore Street1914-07Confession
Charles PhelpsWeston WayMason1914ConfessionPassed peacefully away after a long time laid aside Nov 5th 1918 at midnight aged 83yrs
Albert SmithManor FarmFarmer6147Confession
Mrs Rose PhelpsWeston Way1916Confession
Mrs Mary GreenChurch Street1917Confession
Charles A CullenChillingtonBaker etc.1915RejoinedTake off Dec 8th as when last heard of was attending at Wells Wesleyan
Partridge, Dorothy (Miss, married name, Mrs Down) Court StreetLace worker1919Confession
Mr W WilliamsThe ManseTransferTransferred to Bishops Hull
Mrs WilliamsThe ManseTransferTransferred to Bishops Hull
Mr FretnallFore StreetBoot TradeTransfer
Mr G BishopFore StreetFarmerTransfer
Miss E BishopFore StreetTransfer
Mrs BishopFore StreetTransfer
Miss E StroudBroadenhamDairywoman1925ConfessionMisses Stroud & Good have been brough up in the school and church and SS Teachers for some years prior to Church membership
Miss D GoodChurch StreetLace worker1925Confession
Mrs J BowditchFore StreetDomestic duties1925Confession
Mr Hubert J HaggettThe ManseMinister1925-06 Transferred from Chard Wesleyan
Mrs HaggettThe Manse1925-06 Transferred from Chard Wesleyan
Mr WalkerAmerhamInvalid1925-08 Received from Highgate Wesleyan Circuit London
Mrs WalkerAmerhamDressmaker1925-08 Received from Highgate Wesleyan Circuit London

Church Meeting Minutes: 1791-1922

Minutes from 1791 & Memorandum - 1815

The Church of Christ at Winsham, to Hugh Trenchard at Maudlin


We would not presume to take up your time in opening to you the nature of a Church of God.  Knowing you are already sufficiently informed of what materials a Church is built.  Being fully persuaded you are a living stone in the everlasting universal Church of Christ.  We are and have been for years anxiously desirous of your becoming a pillar in Gods’ spiritual House at Winsham.  We have therefore this day as a Church, unanimously chosen you Deacon, and humbly implore your acceptance of the office: We are led to believe it will be for the Redeemers’ Glory, as beyond doubt, it will be for all our comfort.  Your declining will throw a damp upon us, and very much discourage us.  Your condescending to go before us, as our leader, will give strength to the cause and courage to us to follow.  We solicit you to signify your pleasure, as we do esteem it necessary to know your mind e’er we proceed decisively in the call of a Minister.

March 25 1791

The Call given by the Congregational Church to the Revd John Hemsworth

In the Name, and in the fear of the Lord, Before God, Angels and Men

We, the Church of Christ worshipping in the town of Winsham and County of Somerset, congregated as far as we know, according to the Divine Word, having in the fear of the Lord given up ourselves unto the Lord and also to each other in the bonds of the gospel and kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ; judge it our indispensable duty to stand forth together jointly and unanimously for the cause of God and truth, and having for years experienced the indulgent blessing of public means : we are constrained from obligation to Almighty God, as well as for His glory, and peace and comfort of our souls, to endeavour as much as in us lies after the establishment of a permanent ministry for the well being of this present church and of our successors.  We think it orderly and absolutely necessary under these impressions that the sense of the Church be known, Vox, Vox Populi is Vox Dei, the voice of the people is the voice of God and after trial of several preachers, we are led from convictions of the propriety of our conduct decisively to fix upon, to choose, to call, the Revd John Hemsworth who is a father in God of a spiritual seed amongst us, we trust we are acting in conformity to the Divine voice, and will of God, as is evidently discerned in the order of his providence.

We therefore, this Church of Christ, obeying what appears to be the mind of God.  Before God, Angels and Men call on the Revd John Hemsworth to take upon him the solemn important, and honourable office of Pastor of this congregation, and in this Act and Deed of the Assembly of the Church setting apart to labour in word and doctrine, we use with reverence the authority delegated to the Church by Almighty God; and ordain him Pastor, Teacher and Minister unto and over us.  We use with gratitude the privileges granted unto the Church by Almighty God in choosing, calling and fixing the Minister of their faith.  We choose, call and fix on the said Revd John Hemsworth as the Minister of our faith, to go in and out before us, to administer the ordinances of Baptism, and the Lord’s Supper, after the manner, form and custom of the Congregational Churches unto and amongst us, and in the Act and Deed of this church of Christ, invest him with office, power over and in this Church, as the servant of the Lord, and Minister of God for good to our Souls.

May the Divine spirit rest upon him, that he may maintain soundness and sincerity in doctrine and show forth simplicity in a life without blame.

25 March 1791

Editors NoteJohn Harmsworth accepted the call , but it is not recorded how long he remained at Winsham, or his reasons for departing. He was succeeded by the Rev. Harrington.


Nov 2nd 1815.  The vessels (ie) two plated goblets and three plated plates, for the use of the table of the Lord, were given to the church by the under mentioned members; viz.

Ann Chaffey, Jane Palmer, Sarah Sprake, Susan Trenchard, Sarah Priest, Ann Gapper, Martha Pratt, Mary Dunford

No “Church Minutes” appear to have been made during the Pastorates of Revd Messrs Hemsworth, Harrington, Durnford, Childs, Wells, Evans and Westbrook.

Correspondence & Reports of Meetings: 1862-1874

The Call given by this Congregational Church at Winsham to the Rev William Gooby

Dear Sir,

We the Church and Congregation assembling for worship at the Independent Chapel, Winsham, being now destitute of a Pastor and feeling that your ministrations in, and out of the pulpit, during your visits amongst us, have been very profitable, and gives promises of great future usefulness if you would settle here; and also feeling that your coming here has been directed by the Holy spirit of God, in answer to earnest and repeated prayer, that he would revive his work in this place, and send one of his servants who should be instrumental in carrying it on: in accordance with these feelings, we unite in cordially and affectionately inviting you to become our Minister and to take the oversight of Gods Church in this place. At the same time, we pledge ourselves to provide you a suitable maintenance in accordance with our means, and to give you all the help and encouragement which your arduous duties might require.

Hoping that nothing will prevent your acceptance of this our unanimous invitation, and that we shall soon have the pleasure of welcoming you as the Pastor of a prosperous and united Church and peoples, we beg to subscribe ourselves, your affectionate Friends

(Signed) George Trenchard
on behalf of the Meeting
Winsham Somerset
Feb 11th 1862

The following acceptance of the foregoing Call was received Feb 15th 1862.

Tavistock, Devon.February 14th 1862
To the Church and Congregation assembling for worship in the Independent Chapel, Winsham

My dear Christian Friends

I have received with much pleasure and thankfulness, your kind and affectionate invitation to become your Pastor, and I have laid the matter before God, with the earnest prayer that he would guide me in coming to a decision upon the subject.During my short stay amongst

you, I could not feel other than thankful to Our Heavenly Father for the encouragement afforded me in seeing so many drawn to the house of God, to hear of Him, who is “the Way, the Truth and the Life”.  Especially too was I struck with the earnest, prayerful spirit that seemed to pervade the minds of the “little company” banded together in Church fellowship.  In the “Call” which you have addressed to me, you also state that it is your determination to give me “all the help and encouragement, which my arduous duties might require”.  In the face of so much encouragement I feel that I could not do other than accept your affectionate and unanimous invitation. And now, dear Christian Friends, pray for me, that I may come to you “in the fullness of the blessing of the gospel of Christ”,  that I may be enabled to go and in out amongst you as a faithful servant of the Lord Jesus: and that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known to you the mystery of the Gospel, and the God of peace be with you all, Amen.

I am, dear Christian Friends,
Yours very affectionately
William Gooby

At a meeting of the Church, held onThursday, March 27th 1862, it was Resolved:
First, that the foregoing “Call” and acceptance be inserted in the minutes of this Church.

Secondly, that Mr Geo. Trenchard be requested kindly to draw up a report of the state of this church during the pastorate of the Rev John Cook Westbrook (see Historical Aforesaid)

Thirdly, that this Church desires to express its deep regret, that during the whole of the Rev J Westbrook’s pastorate, the proceedings of this Church have been allowed to pass unnoticed and unrecorded, and that Mr Trenchard be requested to communicate with Mr Westbrook and seek from him such information regarding Admission of Members, Baptisms, etc, as he may be able to furnish.

April 23 1862, The Rev William Gooby, late of Alexandria Egypt, was this day ordained to the work of the ministry, as pastor of this church and congregation.

The Rev R Ferguson LLD, FRS, A Shrimpton, J Gooby, Mr. Densham etc, etc, took part in the service.

At a meeting of the Church held on Thursday evening May 22nd 1862. It was proposed by Mr Trotter, seconded by Jos. Wellman, and carried unanimously: that a church meeting be held after the evening service, on every Thursday, immediately preceding the Sabbath on which the Ordinance of the Lord’s Supper is to be administered.

It was further resolved with the greatest unanimity that the following be admitted as members of this Church: Fanny Marsh, Richard Larkum, William Glyde.

Resolved further: That Brothers Trotter and Wellman, be the deputation of the Church, to wait with the Pastor upon David Singleton to converse with him touching his religious life and  experiences, and to make enquiry into his manner of life and general conduct.

July 3rd 1862.  This Church having received the report of Brothers Trotter and Wellman as also that of its pastor with reference to the fitness of David Singleton for the privileges of Church membership: hereby unanimously resolves to receive him into its midst.  It was further resolved that Brothers Singleton, Wellman and Trotter be the deputation of the Church to wait up Mary Roper, Mary Hardiman and Elizabeth Rodhouse, to converse with them touching their religious life and experience, and to make enquiry into their manner of life and general conduct.

September 4th 1862.  At a meeting of the Church held this day, it was proposed, seconded and carried unanimously, that Mary Roper, Mary Hardiman and Elizabeth Rodhouse be admiteed member of this Church.  Resolved further “that the members of this church desire to express their gratitude to Almighty God, for his goodness in restoring to them their pastor, who, after an absence of 5 weeks through affliction, had been graciously permitted to return with renewed health”.

October 2nd 1862.  At a Church meeting held this day it was resolved “that efforts be made to obtain sufficient funds for the erection of a school and lecture room, the present “Vestry?” being far too small to meet the requirements of the church congregation.”  “That special efforts be made in order to increase the amount of the “Weekly Offering”.”
“That several members of the Church be admonished and exhorted to keep the transactions of this church from the knowledge of the World”.
“That Sarah Ann Aplin and Samuel Aplin be admitted as members of this Church”.
The whole carried unanimously.

December 4th 1862.  At a meeting of the church held this day it was unanimously resolved that Sarah Meech be welcomed into the Church as a sister in Christ.

Jan 29th 1863 George Bonar and Dinah Bonar his wife, were this day admitted as members of this church; they having presented satisfactory letters of dismissal from the Church at Fishguard, Wales.

July 21st 1863 On this day the new school and lecture room was opened, during the day a bazaar was held and at 5 o’clock there was a public tea.  In the evening the pastor presided over a public meeting, at which addresses were delivered by the Revs R P Erlebach of Chard, J Perry of Lynton, J Hargreaves of Morecombe Lake, J le Blond of Axminster and W Chaffey of Cheshunt.  The weather was exceeding unpropitious, yet nearly £30 was realised.

August 1863 At a meeting of the Church held this day, the pastor brought before the notice of the Church, the fact that for many years there had been no one appointed to sustain the office of a deacon: that the church was now without such necessary officers; that the need for such was increasingly felt; and commended the matter to the serious consideration of the members of the church.  Subsequently it was unanimously resolved “that the members of this Church shall “look out from among them two men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and Wisdom, whom they may appoint over this business”.”

September 1863 At the monthly meeting of the church, Mr William Glyde of Beere Chapel and Mr William Singleton, were unanimously chosen and appointed to sustain the office of deacons.

December 1864 The Rev Wm Gooby having accepted a call to the pastorate of the Congregational Church in Newbury, which he was eventually obliged to relinquish on account of ill health, having given this church and congregation notice of his intention to resign this pastorate on the 11th of the month, the Rev Thomas Prentice of Maryborough, Ireland was invited to preach for five Sundays on probation, this ultimately led to the “Call given by the Congregational Church, Winsham, to the Rev Thomas Prentice”.

Jan 12 1865

Dear Sir,

We the Church and Congregation assembling for worship at the Congregational Chapel, Winsham, being destitute of a Pastor and feeling that your ministrations amongst us have been profitable and give promise of the greater and further usefulness have today unanimously decided after earnest prayer for God’s guidance, to ask you to become for one year our Minister and take upon you the oversight of God’s church in this place.  We have thought it advisable to name a certain time feeling that it will leave both you and us greater liberty of action for the future.  Hoping that nothing will prevent your acceptance of this our invitation and earnestly praying that the union so commenced may continue for many years and that God’s best blessings may descend upon us abundantly under your pastorate we beg to subscribe ourselves – your affectionate friends.

Signed:  W.D. Glyde – Deacon
Geo Trenchard
On behalf of the meeting of the Church and Congregation.

The following answer to the foregoing letter was received.

17th Jan 1865

My Dear Friends

It gives me unmingled satisfaction to receive at your hands the unanimous request of the Church and Congregation assembling for worship in the Congregational Chapel at Winsham to become for one year their Minister and take upon me the oversight of God’s church in this place.  I trust I am sensible of the honour conferred upon and the confidence reposed in me as implied in this request.  I think it implies the highest honour and the greatest confidence.  It is matter for devout thankfulness to Almighty God that He has rendered my feeble services profitable and given them reason to think that their continuance here is likely to be increasingly useful.  With respect to the definite period which they have deemed it advisable to name, I may be allowed to say that it would grieve me not a little to think that this connection should continue any longer than would be mutually agreeable to both them and me.  Permit me to state that notwithstanding my personal consciousness of my insufficiency for the onerous duties connected with the responsible position in which they thus place me yet looking to Him for strength and sufficiency “that holdeth the seven stars in His right hand who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks” and who I feel confident has guided my footsteps to this place it gives me no small pleasure to accept their cordial invitation and to unite with them in the hope that the union so auspiciously and I trust providentially commenced may be of long continuance and that the better they and I mutually know and are known the more we may become endeared to each other.  It shall be my care by a prayerful diligent and impartial attention to the varied and important duties connected with the pastorate to secure their continued confidence and esteem.  Praying that God’s richest blessings may continue to rest upon all the exercises in which I may engage as their pastor and that they may ever be a prosperous happy and united church increasing in piety influence and in members, I have great pleasure my dear friends in subscribing myself your affectionate friend and pastor.

Signed Thomas M Prentice
To the Messrs Glyde & Trenchard

February 1865. At the monthly meeting of the church it was unanimously resolved that Jane R Prentice the wife of the pastor be welcomed into the church as a beloved Sister in Christ.

March 1865 At the monthly meeting of the church it was unanimously resolved that the following be admitted as members of the church, George Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards, Jane Hussey, Elizabeth Irish and Sarah Jane Fendall.

April 27th 1865.  At a special meeting of the church held this day it was proposed by Mr W D Glyde seconded by Mr W Singleton and unanimously resolved that the Rev Thomas M Prentice be publicly and solemnly set apart to the work of the Christian ministry and that arrangements be made for carrying this resolution into effect.

May 24th 1865.  On this day in accordance with the foregoing resolution the Rev Thomas M Prentice, late of Maryborough, Ireland, was set apart to the work of the minsitry as Pastor of this church and congregation.  The following Brethren took part in the ordination, the Rev W Currie, Newton Abbot, W Millonie, Broadwinsor; W Densham, South Petherton, R P Erlebach, Chard, E Edwards, Chard, J Hargreaves, Morcombelake and S Pearce Crewkerne.  The services and social gatherings were altogether of a very impressive cheering and interesting character as testified by the large and respectable attendance.

June 1865. At the monthly meeting of the church it was unanimously resolved that the following be received in the fellowship of the Church, William Chamming, Hannah Aplin, Esther Norman and Sarah Hansford.

September 1865.  At the monthly meeting of the church it was unanimoously resolved that Emily Singleton be admitted as a member of the church.

March 1866.  At the monthly meeting of the church it was unanimously resolved that Anne Welch be admitted as a member of the church.

January 1868. At the monthly meeting of the church it was unanimously resolved that Sarah Forsey be admitted as a member of the church.

February 1868 At the monthly meeting of the church it was unanimously resolved that Mary Bolt be admitted as a member of the church.

March 1868 At the monthly meeting of the church it was unanimously resolved that Susan Frankham be admitted as a member of the church.

November 1868 At the monthly meeting of the church it was unanimously resolved to receive the following persons into the fellowship of the church, Susan Welch.

January 1969 At the monthly meeting of the church it was unanimously resolved to admit George Eveliegh  as a member of the church, a letter of dismissal having been received from the Congregational Church at Stoke-sub-Hamdon.

March 1869 At the monthly meeting of the church a letter was read from the Congregational Church at Ludlow dismissing Eliza Steward to the church.  It was unanimously resolved to welcome her into the Church as a sister beloved.     

July 1870 At the monthly meeting of the church a letter was read from the Congregational Church at Morecombelake dismissing Jane Rendall to the church.  It was unanimously resolved to welcome her into the church as a sister beloved.
Signed Thomas M Prentice

August 1870 At the monthly meeting of the church it was unanimously resolved to receive Caroline Wyatt as a member of the church.
Signed Thomas M Prentice

November 1870 At the monthly meeting of the church it was unanimously resolved to receive Edward Pratt into the fellowship of the church.
Signed Thomas M Prentice

June 1871 At the monthly meeting of the church it was unanimously resolved to receive James Hardyman into the fellowship of the church.Signed Thomas M Prentice

August 1871 At the monthly meeting of the church it was unanimously resolved to admit Mary Hardyman into the church.
Signed Thomas M Prentice

May 1872 At the monthly meeting of the church it was unanimously resolved to receive Evangeline Wyatt and Sophy Trenchard into the fellowship of the church.Signed Thomas M Prentice

July 1872 At the monthly meeting of the church it was unanimously resolved to admit Sarah Trenchard into the church.
Signed Thomas M Prentice

September 1872 At the monthly meeting of the church it was unanimously resolved to receive Francis Eveleigh into the fellowship of the church.
Signed Thomas M Prentice

November 1872 At the monthly meeting of the church Elizabeth Anne Trenchard  was unanimously admitted into the fellowship of the church.
Signed Thomas M Prentice

December 1872 At the monthly Church meeting Annie Aldous Hitchcock   was unanimously admitted to the fellowship of the church on a letter of dismissal being received from the Badcox Lane Baptist Church.
Signed Thomas M Prentice

March 1873 At the monthly meeting of the church it was unanimously resolved to admit Hugh Trenchard and William Wyatt into the fellowship of the church.
Signed Thomas M Prentice

June 1873 At the monthly church meeting the following persons were unanimously admitted to the fellowship, Susan Hardyman on a letter of dismissal being read from Bishops Hull Congregational Church, Samuel Lock and Sarah Lock on a letter of dismissal being read from Yarcombe Baptist Church.
Signed Thomas M Prentice

October 1873 At the monthly meeting of the church it was unanimously resolved to adopt a series of Rules for the guidance of the Church.  A copy of these Rules is gummed on one of the fly-leaves at the beginning of this book.
Signed Thomas M Prentice

December 1873 At the monthly meeting of the church the following persons were unanimously admitted to the fellowship of the church, viz Jonah Trenchard, Mary Rowe, Henry Rowe and Susie Prentice.
Signed Thomas M Prentice

March 1874 At the monthly meeting of the church the following persons were unanimously admitted to the fellowship of the church, viz Fanny Raisen, Anna Hussey, Guy Trenchard and William Lacey.
Signed Thomas M Prentice

April 1874 At the monthly church meeting the following persons were unanimously admitted to the fellowship of the church, viz Jonah Raisin, on a letter of dismissal being read from the Broadwinsor Congregational Church and Mary White on her profession of faith in Christ
Signed Thomas M Prentice

May 1874 At the monthly church meeting Susan Good was unanimously admitted to the fellowship of the church.
Signed Thomas M Prentice

Correspondence & Reports of Meetings: 1875-1899

January 1875
At the monthly meeting of the church the following persons were unanimously received into the fellowship of the church, John Samuel Prentice on profession of his faith in Christ and Harry White by letter of dismissal from the Baptist Church at Upottery. Signed Thomas M Prentice

March 1875 
At the monthly meeting of the church, Evangeline Wyatt  was unanimously received into the fellowship of the church on her profession of faith in Christ. Signed Thomas M Prentice

May 1876
At the monthly meeting of the church, Mary Turner was unanimously received into the fellowship of the church by letter of transfer from Venn Congregational Church. Signed Thomas M Prentice

March 1877. 
At the monthly church meeting Mary Cox was unanimously received into the fellowship of the church on profession of her faith in Christ Signed Thomas M Prentice

October 1877. 
At the monthly meeting of the church the following persons were unanimously received into the fellowship of the church on profession of their faith in Christ; Amelia Trenchard, Mary Letitia Trenchard and Sarah Bishop. Signed Thomas M Prentice

November 1878 
At the monthly church meeting the following persons were unanimously received into the fellowship of the church Jane Aplin, William Rowe. Signed Thomas M Prentice

July 1879 
At the monthly meeting of the church John Chick was unanimously received into the fellowship of the church. Signed Thomas M Prentice

August 1879 
At the monthly church meeting the following persons were received into the fellowship of the church by unanimous vote on profession of their faith in Christ, Solomon Hutchings and Anne Barlow Prentice. Signed Thomas M Prentice

February 1880
At the monthly meeting of the church the name of William Rowe was removed from the roll of the church in accordance with his own request. Signed Thomas M Prentice

March 1880
At the monthly meeting of the church Frank Forsey was unanimously received into the fellowship of the church on profession of his faith in Christ.  Harriet Hutchings was received at the same meeting unanimously. Signed Thomas M Prentice

August 1880
At the monthly meeting of the church Maurice Francis was unanimously received into the fellowship of the church on profession of his faith in Christ. Signed Thomas M Prentice

April 1881 
At the monthly meeting of the church Mary Hutchings, on profession of her faith in Christ, was unanimously received into the fellowship of the church, Thurza Channing and Ellen Francis received at the same time. Signed Thomas M Prentice

May 1881 
At the monthly meeting of the church, Ellen Meech, on profession of her faith in Christ, was unanimously received into the fellowship of the church Signed Thomas M Prentice

June 1881 
At the monthly meeting of the church Francis Meech, on a letter of transfer from the Crewkerne Baptist Church being read,w as unanimously received into the fellowship of the church Signed Thomas M Prentice

July 1881 
At the monthly meeting of the church Isaac Francis, on profession of his faith in Christ, was unanimously received into the fellowship of the church Signed Thomas M Prentice

February 1882   
At the monthly meeting of the church the following young persons, on profession of their faith in Christ, was unanimously received into the fellowship of the church, viz Tom Phelps, Hugh Trenchard and Tom Warren. Signed Thomas M Prentice

August 1882.   
At the monthly meeting of the church the following persons were removed from the fellowship of the church by unanimous vote, viz John Chick for continued absences from the Lord’s table, Hugh Trenchard and Tom Warren for irregularity of conduct. Signed Thomas M Prentice

September 1882. 
At a special meeting of the church the pastor intimated that, in consequence of his having received a very hearty and unanimous invitation to the secretary ship of Tettenhall College, and the pastorate of Tettenhall Wood Congregational Church, he should resign the pastorate of the Winsham Congregational Church on the second Lord’s Day in November.  The intimation was received with deep feelings of regret, several of the brethren gave expression to the sorrow with which they heard the tidings, Isaac Francis, Joseph Wellman, Richard Franks and Francis Meech spoke very feelingly on the subject. Signed, Thomas M Prentice

October 8th 1882 
At a meeting of the church specially summoned Miss Amelia Trenchard was at her request transferred to the Congregational church, Richmond.  Mrs Raison was received most unanimously in the fellowship of the church on a letter of transfer being made from the Wesleyan Church, Swindon. The Pastor mentioned that Mary Bishop and Charlotte Franks were desirous of becoming members of the church and that his belief was that they were fit and proper persons for occupying that position, Mrs Francis and Mrs Meech were appointed to visit the former and Mrs Prentice and Fanny Forsey the latter.  It was proposed by Mr Francis, seconded by Mr Franks and unanimously carried, that as the pastor would shortly leaving for a new sphere they should have a farewell service to take the form of a public tea and public meeting.

The following were named as a committee to carry the foregoing resolution into effect, Messrs Francis, Franks, Rowe, Meech, White, Hutchings and Prentice, the Mrs Francis, Meech, Forsey and Miss Trenchard. Signed, Thomas M Prentice

October 29th 1882 
At the monthly meeting of the church it was thought wise to let the case of Mary Bishop stand over for a little longer, Charlotte Franks on profession of her faith in Christ was unanimously received into the fellowship of the church, the following members were unanimously dismissed to other churches, John Samuel Prentice to the Congregational church in Chard, Jane Rebecca Prentice, Susie Prentice and Anne Barlow Prentice, to the Congregational Church at Tettenhall Wood, Staffordshire.  Mrs Franks, Mrs Raison and Mrs Wyatt were added to the committee for carrying the resolution, as to a valedictory service, into effect.
The minutes of the previous were read and confirmed.

Dec 3rd 1882
At a special Church Meeting it was resolved to invite the Revd Alfred Griffin of Bath to undertake the Pastorate of the Church.

Dec 31st 1882
A letter from the Revd A Griffin was read to the church accepting the invitation sent in accordance with the resolution of Dec 3rd.

January 7th 1883
The Rev A Griffin commenced his labours at Winsham this day.  After the Morning service the Lords Super was celebrated.
“O Lord, we beseech thee, send now prosperity.”

October 7th 1883
After the observance of the Lords Supper this day a church meeting was held; at which John Chick a former member was proposed for Church Fellowship.  he was unanimously received.

Feb 3rd 1884. 
After the celebration of the Lords Supper this morning a Church Meeting was held: at which Joseph Wellman proposed Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bowditch for Church Fellowship.  Isaac Francis was requested to visit her, and report the result of his visit at the next Church Meeting.

Feb 28th 1884
At a Church meeting held this evening Elizabeth Bowditch was unanimously received as a member of this Church.

April 3rd 1884. 
A Church Meeting was held after the service this evening. Mary Bishop was proposed for Church Fellowship: and as she was so well known by the members and her Christian character unquestioned she was at once admitted as a member of this church.

August 28th 1884.
A Church Members’ Tea Meeting was held this evening at the close of which several of the Members spoke.  It was a very enjoyable and profitable Meeting.

April 5th 1885
At the conclusion of the Communion Service this morning Miss Amelia Trenchard a former Member was readmitted into this church by dismassal from the church at Richmond.

July 2nd 1885.
A Church Meeting was held this evening.  Mrs Ann Singleton was proposed as a member of this church.  The testimony of two members Joseph Wellman & Richard Franks being most satisfactory she was at once unanimously admitted to the fellowship of the church.

July 29th 1886.
A Church Meeting was held this evening.  Miss Elizabeth White of Forde Abbey Thorncombe, formerly a member of the Baptist Church at Honiton was proposed for Church fellowship, and was at once unanimously received.  Mr Tom Philps was also unanimously readmitted to the fellowship of this Church, he being very desirous of again taking his place amongst us.

September 2 1886
A Church Meeting was held after the service this evening.
Mrs Sarah Hussey was proposed as a Member of this Church, and as the testimony of her Christian character was so satisfactory she was at once unanimously received into our fellowship.

October 3rd 1886. 
A Church Meeting was held after the Communion service this morning at which Miss Annie Wyatt of Berechapel was proposed as a member of our church.  Mrs Griffin was requested to visit her.

November 4th 1886. 
At a Church Meeting held this evening Miss Annie Wyatt was unanimously received into the fellowship of this Church.

Dec 30th 1886
Mr James Harry Purse was proposed for fellowship of this church this evening.
Mr Rowe was requested to visit him and report at the next Church Meeting.

Feb 3rd 1887
Mr James Harry Purse was received into our fellowship at a Church Meeting held this evening.

May 31st 1888
Miss Woodley was admitted a Member of this Church at a Church meeting held this evening after the service.

Oct 4th 1888. 
Mr & Mrs Buckler late of the church at Chard wish to be associated with us in Church Fellowship.  We very cordially welcome them.

June 4th 1891.
At a Church Meeting held this evening Mrs Henry Rowe was proposed as a Member of this Church and was unanimously received into its fellowship.

April 3rd 1892. 
Mr Griffin brought his Pastorate to a close this evening.  9¼ years he has laboured among the people at Winsham. God grant thee increase!

November 1892. 
Rev J Hall commenced his work as pastor.

December 1892. 
Mr & Mrs Beavis & Mr & Mrs Marks were received into church fellowship.

January 6th 1893.
At a special church meeting the financial accts of the past year were submitted, and application made to the Church Aid Society for a grant.

November 1893. 
Mr & Mrs Ingram were received into Church fellowship.

January 4th 1894.
The financial accts for the previous year were submitted at a church meeting, and the usual application for grant made to the Church Aid Society.
At the close of the year 1893 oil stoves were obtained for heating the chapel.

Dec 23rd 1893
Rev J Hall closed this day his brief ministry.  May God grant that it has been a soul searching & soul saving ministry!
At A Church Meeting held on Thursday July 4th (1895?) the minutes of previous meeting read & confirmed.  Mrs Johnson of Church Street & Mr Fred Wm King were admitted into fellowship.  Repair of Chaple roof considered, decided it must be done at once.  Mr Marks to get the estimate at once, to be done before the winter.  Letter from Rev L Thomas re Church Aid Fund.  To stand over untill next meeting untill the Rev G W Joyce had been communicated with.  Committee selected for Tea at Welcome Services.  Committee Mr Marks Misses Marks, Ingram, Bevis & Hussey were appointed.
Signed Fred Wm King

Aug 2nd 1895
Meeting of Church re – Repairing of roof of church.  Grinsteads Estimate accepted for the sum of £7.15.0.  Proposed by Mr Rowe Sec Mr Bevis (after Mr Mark had explained our financial position) that Mr Dunscombe be asked to send in estimate for new Gates to Chapel Yard, painting railings painting & graining Chapel Doors & Windows, Proposed Mr Marks Sec Mr Bevis that we have our Harvest Festival on Sep 12th and accept the offer of the Rev E J Dukes of Bridgwater to preach the Sermon.  Proceeds to be put towards the painting etc.
Signed F W King

At a Church Meeting held on August 28th 1895. The minutes of the previous meeting was read & adopted.  Mr Marks was appointed to see Mr Dunscombe as to where he would be able to proceed with the work if not to see Clark of Stoney Knapps about estimate.  Propd & Secd that Mr Marks Mr Rowe Mr Hutchings & Mr Cumbleton be put on the Committee for the Evangelist Society.
Mr & Mrs Cumbleton,& Miss E Bowditch were proposed as members of the Church & were noted upon, which was unanimous.
Signed F W King

At the close of the Communion Service on Nov 3rd 1895. Mr King brought forward a motion to alter the time of Sunday Mornings Service from 10.30 to 11 oclock which was carried unanimous.
Signed F W King

At the Communion Service Dec 1st 1895
Mr Marks Proposed that we collect subscriptions towards presenting our Organist Willie Wareham with a testimonial.  Mr Rowe seconded and it was carried unanimously.  Mr Marks kindly offered to get the necessary indispensable.
Signed F W King

At our Communion Service on Sunday Dec 6th 1896 it was proposed by Mr Rowe & seconded by Mr Bevis that 2 collections per year be taken up towards the poor & needy of the village.  The 1st collection to be taken the Sunday before Christmas and the other at Midsummer.  This was carried.
Signed F W King

At a Church Meeting held on August 12th 1897 it was pro by Mrs Cumbleton Sec Mr Rowe that a regular Church Meeting be held Quarterly (instead of monthly) on the last Thursdays of March, June, Sept & Dec.  This was carried unanimous.
Pros Mr Bevis Sec Mr Hutchings that the Harvest Thanksgiving Service be held the last Sunday in Sept 26th and the sale of fruit & vegetables to be held one day in the following week as can be arranged Mr King to try and get a preacher for the Sunday if possible & arrange week meeting.
Pros Mrs Hussey Sec Mrs Cumbleton that we arrange for Chapel anniversary 1st or 2nd week in November.  Write Mr Maddiford re preaching.
Pros Mrs Johnson sec Mr Bevis that the proceeds of the sale of fruit & vegetables at the Harvest Thanksgiving be given to the poor & needy fund.
Signed F W King

Church Meeting held Oct 7th 1897 proposed the 210th Anniversary Services be held on Nov 14th 1897 & Mission Services be held throughout the week.  Proposed to begin Cottage Services at Shoebuck.
The election of Deacons then took place when Mr Hy Rowe & Mr C Cumbleton were elected.
Amount of proceeds of sale of fruits & vegetables was ordered to be recorded which amounted to £2. 10. 8½.
Signed F W King

Renovation of Church
1898 November.  It was decided that an effort should be made to renovate the Chapel which had fallen into as very serious condition, the floors & gallery being in a very unsafe condition.  A Committee was formed consisting of the following.

Messrs John Prentice, Sanders, Gibbs & Rowe, I Crook & the Revs F J Hyde of Chard.  Dukes of Ilminster & Mr F W King the resident pastor.  At the after meeting subscriptions were promised to the amount of £73. 0. 0. including £20 from Hugh Trenchard Esq Enfield, John Prentice Esq Ilminster, also 10 pounds from Herbert Trenchard Esq and 5 pounds from Mr John Crook.

Early in the year 1899 tenders were invited & the tender of Bowerman & Son of Ilminster was accepted for £190.  Symes & Madge of Chard architects.

The ceiling was panelled over the old reed & plaster.  Old pews, pulpit & etc removed & the whole interior renewed.

July 27th 1899 was the date of opening.

In the afternoon at 3.30 a Sermon was preached by the Rev Urijah Thomas of Bristol (Ex Chairman of the Congregational Union of England & Wales).  Tea was provided at 5 o’clock when nearly 200 people from the following places took tea.  Ilminster, Chard, Axminster, Hawkchurch & Nether Hay.  At 6.30 a public meeting was held.  Hugh Trenchard Esq of Enfield London in the chair.  Addresses were delivered by Messrs J Prentice, Gibbs, Crook & Rowe and the Revs U Thomas, FJ Hyde and the resident pastor F W King . The collection for the day amounted to £10. 7. 1.  The contractor was handed a cheque for £100. 0. 0. at the opening & the remainder with the architects charges of 10 pounds were paid at a committee meeting held at Chard, Friday Oct 6th 1899.  At the time of renovation new lamps were also bought for the chapel.  The total cost of renovation being £220.

Signed F W King

Rev F W King closed his ministry on Nov 27th 1899 after 4½ years of happy ministry.

On Friday Dec 1st 1899 I met by appointment the following gentlemen in the vestry at Pauls Meeting Chapel, Taunton, vis
Rev G W Joyce, Secty of Evangelist Socty, Somerset
Rev W Wilkinson, Pastor Pauls Meeting Church
Rev Coleman
A Goodman, Treasurer of Evangelist Society.
Mr Joyce had invited me here for the purpose of formerly appointing me to the work at Winsham near Chard.
My papers and letter being satisfactory I was engaged and requested to commence work on Sunday 7th Jan. 1900.

Thursday Jan 4th we arrived at Winsham.  The Manse had been prepared for us.
Mr Crook, Mr Beviss and Mrs Johnson received us.

Correspondence & Reports of Meetings: 1900 - 1910

On Friday Dec 1st 1899 I met by appointment the following gentlemen in the vestry at Pauls Meeting Chapel, Taunton, vis
Rev G W Joyce, Secty of Evangelist Socty, Somerset
Rev W Wilkinson, Pastor Pauls Meeting Church
Rev Coleman
A Goodman, Treasurer of Evangelist Society.
Mr Joyce had invited me here for the purpose of formerly appointing me to the work at Winsham near Chard.
My papers and letter being satisfactory I was engaged and requested to commence work on Sunday 7th January 1900.

Thursday Jan 4th we arrived at Winsham.  The Manse had been prepared for us.
Mr Crook, Mr Beviss and Mrs Johnson received us.

Sunday 7th Jan 1900
Service morning at 11.ock  Mr Sanders, Chard was present Evening at 6.30, Congregation encouraging

Salary of £60 and Manse.
Henry Hammond

Church Meeting held at the Manse Jany 1900 Bros Hutchins & Rowe were present.
The Annual Schedule for 1899 had been prepared by Mr King, together with Messrs Beviss, Rowe, Crook and was submitted to this meeting and signed by the Deacon, Mr Rowe and by the Auditor, Mr Crook.
Schedule forwarded to Rev G W Joyce Secty Wellington.  Then was a Conversation about revising the Church Roll both felt that names of persons removed and dead should no longer be retained on Register.

Church Meeting
March 22nd
 held in Manse.
Brothers Hutchins, Rowe & Crook were present.  the last name by invitation.  Mrs Hammond and Mrs Crook were also present.
This meeting was called to consider the resignation of Brother Bevis as Church Treasurer.  Our Brother had a serious seizure in January and remains in a helpless state.  Sister Bevis has done the work of the office during her husbands affliction.  She now finds herself unable to continue the same so has expressed her decision to ask, on behalf of her husband, that his resignation of the office of treasurer should be accepted.
The Meeting deeply regret our brother’s affliction and feel bound to accept the resignation.  Each expressed their sorrow, and their certain and hoped that our Lord Jesus would grant him all needful grace. 
After some conversation as to a successor to the office of Treasurer it was unanimously resolved to ask our brother John Crook to accept the Office.
Our brother Crook is not yet a member of the Church but has for some years served her well in the Sunday School, and during intervals when there was no Pastor.  Brothers Hutchings and Rowe pointed out a presidence for the appointment in the fact that Mr Trenchard had long acted as Treasurer although not a Church Member.  So the offer and election to office was accepted by brother John Crook who would accept office at once.
It was resolved to take collections on Sunday next on behalf of the War Fund (Transvaal) morning and evening.
It was further resolved that the Pastors Recognition Service should be held on April 5th.
Rev W Macdonald, Chard be asked to preach at four o’clock.
Rev F J Hyde, Macdonald, Vine & Cannon and Mr Crook be speakers, J Prentice Esq, Ilminster be Chariman.
That Mrs Hammond and Mrs Crook superintend the arrangements for public tea at 5.30.  Tickets 6d each.
Resolved that collections be taken on Mar 25 on behalf of the London Missionary Society.  Rev G W Joyce writes to say that the Rev E Hawker BA from Coimbator, South India, is the Deputation and will preach in the evening.

After a brief conversation on the desirability of choosing another Deacon to serve with Brother Rowe it was resolved to elect one.  Brother Rowe proposed that brother Hutchins be elected into the Deaconate  - which now consists of brothers Rowe & Hutchins together with brother Crook, with pastor as Secretary.

Sunday Mar 5th Collections were made for the Transvall was found amounting to £1. 10. 6.  which the Deacon forwarded further.

Sunday Mar 25th was Anniversary Day of the London Missionary Society’s Meetings.
Preachers as follows.
Morning  H Hammond
Afternoon F J Fry, Esq, Cricket St Thomas
Evening Rev Hawker, MA, Coomibatoor, S India.

The afternoon service was a full one, many men attended both from the village and the neighbourhood.  Evidently Mr Frys services were appreciated.
The evening service also was a full one.  Mr Hawkers account of his work amongst the various castes in south India was very interesting.
Our choir did useful work with the Missionary Hymns.
The collections were very good.
Mr Fry contributed largely (£2. 0. 0.), total £3. 14. 6.

Thursday Apr 5th Recognition Services
Rev Macdonald, Chard, preached at 4 o’ck.  A very good attendance.
Public tea at 5.30.  90 sat down.
Public Meeting at 7.0 chairman J Prentice, Esq, Ilminster.  Speakers, Rev F J Hyde, Rev H Macdonald, W Vine, W Cannon, Mr Crook & H Hammond.  Many friends came in from Chard, Ilminster & Venn & Broadwinsor.  Truly encouraging to all.

Deacons Meeting held in the Manse Friday Apr 20th Present Brothers Crook, King, Hutchins & Hammond.
The Minutes of meeting on Mar 2 were read & confirmed.
The meeting was called to consider the advisability of introducing the Christian Endeavour movement into Winsham.  And also to arrange for the ventilation of the Chapel.
After a free conversation about the C E Movement it was resolved to introduce the movement by holding meetings during the summer months on Sunday afternoons.

  1. Proposed by Mr Crook and seconded by brother Rowe that we ask several well known gentlemen to visit us on the last Sunday afternoon in the months of May, June, July, Aug & Sep to explain the nature and working of the Christian Endeavour movement.
    Further that we ask Mr John Prentice of Ilminster to give the final address.
    And that the following gentlemen be asked to supply on the succeeding occasions, viz
    Mr Sanders, Mr Baker, Mr Fone and Mr Whitmarch.
    Failing the above we then ask Mr Phillips and Mr Tutcher of Chard.
    No collection be taken on this occasions.
    It is hoped that an interest will be created by this initiatory meeting quite strong enough to justify the formation of a CE society in Sept.
  2. Resolved that on 1st Sunday afternoon in June we hold a Flower Service and that a penny collection be taken to defray cost of sending flowers to London s Hospital – and any additional expenses in bringing preachers for C E services.
  3. Resolved that the question of ventilating the Chapel be left to the management of Brother Crook, that he may adopt the most useful mode of ventilation possible to the strength of the window frame.  And we wish him success for the work is very needed.

Deacons Meeting held in the Manse May 22 1900
Present Mr Crook, Mr Rowe, Mr Hutching and HH
Minutes of meeting held on Ap 20th were read and confirmed.
After conversation on the favourable impression made by Mr J Prentices address given on May 6 on the Christian Endeavour Movement, it was thought advisable to open a meeting for adults on Sunday afternoon from 3 to 4 o’ck to be conducted by HH commencing Sunday June 10th.

Resolved that the following anniversaries be held during the summer and autumn, vis the Sunday School in July or Aug – preacher HH
= the Harvest Festival be held in September or October and that F J Fry, Esq of Cricket St Thomas be asked to preach.
= that the Chapel Anniversary be held in November – arrangements to be deferred for the present.
Several other matters, such as seat letting and sale of hymn books was talked over, which Mr Crook kindly offered to attend to.

Sunday July 1st
Mr Fone, Crewkerne, conducted the monthly Christian Endeavour meeting, assisted by Miss Cross.  The attendance was good.

On Tuesday July 10th was held the first of such meetings.
Rev J B Figgis, MA, Brighton, preached in the afternoon at 4 o’ck the subject “The Power and Beauty of Holiness”. 
Mr Figgis seemed much helped by the Holy Spirit, indeed I have not had such a spiritual treat for a long time.  We thank God and take courage.
Public tea at 5.30 – tickets 6d.
Conference at 7.00 - President G E Colthurst, Esq, Taunton.

Speakers Revs J B Figgis, F W Macdonald,  IJ   Hyde, W Vine and W Cannon and Mr Whitmarch.    The subject was “The deepening of the Spiritual Life”.  The attenance at the afternoon service and tea and meeting was very good – friends from Chard, Venn, Hawkchurch, Broadwindsor & Crewkerne were present.
Collection more than covered expenses.
Mr Figgis would not charge his expenses.
Mr Cross entertained Mr Figgis.

Sunday School Anniversary on Sunday Aug 5th 1901
11.00 - H Hammond
3.00 - H Hammond
6.30 - Hugh Trenchard, Esq
All the services were well attended – especially that in the evening.  Collections £2. 15s. 0d.
S S Treat on Friday 10th in Mr Raisons fields – very enjoyable.

Deacon’s meeting held in the Manse Sept 12th 01
Present HH, Mr Crook, Mr Rowe and Mr Hutchings
The meeting was called to arrange for forthcoming Harvest Thanksgiving – Winters work, etc.
Proposed by Mr Rowe and seconded by Mr Hutchings that the transfer of membership of brother and sister Vernon from the Congregational Church at Binwood, Sydney, NSW now rec’d by the pastor be presented to the next Church meeting.  And that our brother and sister Vernon, who have worshipped with us from the first sabbath of their return be received into fellowship.
The Rev Campbell, pastor of the Church at Binwood has written a commendatory note on the printed transfer which shall be acknowledged.

Harvest Thanksgiving

  1. That the services be held on Sunday Oct 7 and the following Tuesday .
    Our Secretary reported the consent of F J Fry Esq to preach on the afternoon of Oct 7th.  The Pastor preach morning and evening.
  2. That the collections on the Sabbath be devoted to Benevolent purposes amongst our Congregation and the Village, that is, the sick and the Aged in the Congregation and the village.
  3. That the fruit and vegetables be sold in the school room on the Tuesday evening, and the cash be forwarded to the Secretary of Crewkerne Hospital .
  4. That we write the following members of our congregation to assist in the decorations and arrangement and sale of the Tuesday evenings,, viz Messrs Hopkins, Batstone, Good and Taylor and Loaring.  Together with Mrs Butler, Misses Cothell and Vernon.
  5. That we call a general meeting, composed of members and the above, for Wednesday, 19th to be held in the Schoolroom at 7.30.  The first part of the business to be devoted to receiving new members into Church fellowship,  and then to arrange the work for the winter.  Also to complete arrangements for Harvest Thanksgivings.
  6. The deacons appointed time of opening Chapel and of lighting for the services, and requested Mr Crook to inform the Chapel Keeper.

Meeting held Wednesday, Sept 19th in the Schoolroom.
After prayers by Mr Rowe, H H read the notice of transfer of membership of our brother and sister Vernon, and then proceeded to receive them into our fellowship.  The deacons also giving the right hand of fellowship.  The following scriptures were read Matt 12 46-50, Eph 5.

The following new members were proposed and accepted into fellowship.  Each name submitted separately, and then the meeting was asked if they knew any reason why each should not be received into membership.  No voice was raised against so I proceeded to admit them one by one in the following order viz Sister Foisey, Sister Crook and Sister Elsie Vernon.  After the reception our brother Hutchings commended each in prayer to God.  May it please the Great Head of the Church to keep those His members full of life and devotion to Him and his Church.

After the above we proceeded to make the following arrangements for work during the winter, viz;

that those in weekly prayer meeting held in the schoolroom every Thursday evening at 7.30 commencing first week in October.
A Bible Class on Tuesday evening at 7.30 – ditto
A childrens meeting on Wednesday evening at 7.00 – ditto

For the Harvest Thanksgiving
That we accept the kind offer of Messrs Hopkin, Taylor and Hutching to supply corn, barley and oats for decoration in the Chapel.
The following promised to supply evergreens, viz Messrs Good, Rowe, F Cothell and W Loaring.
That we make a general appeal for flowers for decorating Chapel.
The decorators be asked to meet on Saturday evening at 6 o’ck
Mr Crook consented to be salesman and H H cashier on the Tuesday evening.
All brrethren present promised to assist.
We regret that Mr Fry cannot be with us on Oct 7th but has promised to come later on.

Deacons Meeting held Dec 14th 1900
Present Messrs Crook, Rowe and Hutchings
Brother Rowe opening the meeting with prayer.
HH read the minutes of last meeting which were confirmed as read.

  1. Circular from the Chard & District Free Church Council asking if we would have a five days mission early in March next.  Also, if we would appoint our own Missioner, or should the F.C. Council.  In the latter case then we should be expected to contriubte a sum of 10/- towards cost of mission. The deacons concluded in favour of holding the mission – but deputised the Treasurer to confer with Mr Sanders about the Missioner, etc.
  2. That we suggest to the Vicar the desirability of holding united prayer meetings in the first week of the New Year.
  3. That on the first Sunday afternoon in the New Year we hold a Service of Song entitled “The Musical Miller”.
  4. That the Deacons prepare the Annual Report for the County Union and for our Chapel Anniversary in January.
  5. We regret to report that Mr & Mrs Vernon and their daughter have decided to go out to Auckland, New Zealand this month.  May the Lord go with them and bring them to their desired haven.

Church Meeting held Sunday evening Jan 27th 1901
After prayer by Brothers Rowe and Hutchings we had the great pleasure of receiving the following brother and sisters into church fellowship.  viz:
Mr John Crook, proposed by HH and seconded by J Hutchins.
John Goldsworthy, proposed by D Rowe and J Crook.
Herbert Goldsworthy, proposed by the same brethren
Ellen Batstone, proposed by Mrs Hammond and seconded by Mrs Crook.
Anne M Hucker, proposed by HH and seconded by Mrs Hammond.

Deacons Meeting held in the Manse Apr 12th 1901
The Secretary read the Minutes of meeting held on the Dec 14 1900 which were confirmed as read.
After general conversation the deacons proceeded to make arrangements for the forthcoming Free Church Council Quarterly meeting of which is to be held in our Chapel on Thursday Apr 25.
Mrs Crook and Mrs Hammond were appointed to superintend the arrangement of the Public Tea on Apr 25.
The deacons would superintend all other arrangements.
The deacons desire to record their devout thanksgiving to God that they were able to send £6. 12. 0 to the London Missionary Society for Anniversary on March 17th last.
They then proceeded to make arrangements for the Village Keswick, proposed for Thursday June 6.  The opinion of the meeting was that Thursday 13 or 20 might suit better than 6th.  This suggestion was to be made to Rev E Hamilton.
Rev Edward Hamilton of Lady Huntington Church, Bath having consented to preach at Village Keswick – the Deacons proposed the following:

  1. Service in the afternoon at 4 o’ock, sermon by Rev E Hamilton
  2. Public tea at 5.30, tickets 6d each
  3. Public Meeting – Several speakers, say Rev F J Hyde and A Macdonald of Chard
  4. That Rev E Hamilton be asked to allow 30 minutes on the evening for questions and answers on the subject of the consention, viz the deepening of the spiritual life and that Mr Hamilton shall give the answers.

The bills, special choir, public tea to be arranged for later.
Brothers Rowe & Hutchings were appointed to call on Mr Batstone and Mrs Lacey to confer with them about becoming members of the church.
That we make a strong effort to raise £5 or £10 for the funds of the Evangelist Society of the County Union.
It was thought possible to do this, as there might be a surplus of £5 on the collection – which together with collection at Chapel Anniversary in Nov or early in Dec would probably reach the latter sum.

p.s. I feel constrained to record that in prayer to God about the forthcoming Village Keswick, I feel that the Keswick is “the Lords”.  He has it in his purpose and power for success.

Church Meeting held on Sunday May 5 when the following brother and sister were proposed for membership and accepted.

  1. Mr William Golsworthy – proposed by Mr Hammond and seconded by Mr Rowe
  2. Mrs Mary Golsworthy – proposed by Mrs Hammond and seconded by Mrs Hutchings
  3. Mr Cullen - proposed by Mr Hammond and seconded by Mr Hutchings

After this there were nineteen of us sat at his Table to holy communion – we all gratefully acknowledged the presence of the Lord in our midst, it was a sanctifying time and we are grateful.  We thank God and take courage.

Deacons Meeting held Aug 27th 1901
The Treasurer reported that there was a sum of over five pounds in hand which might be forwarded to the Treasurer of the Evangelist Society.

  1. Resolved that the stone piping be brought within the wall– but not at present.
  2. That 10/6 be forwarded to the Treasurer of the 20th Century Fund in the County.
  3. That as the work of the Christian Endeavour Society is nearing completion in preparation for a sale of work for funds to paint the Chapel – we convey this recommendation to the other members of the Chapel committee residing in Chard – viz – Rev FJ Hyde, J Sanders and Mr Gibbs, soon as presented to us.  That is.
  4. That a Church meeting be called and the whole business of painting the Chapel be submitted to them before going to Chard as above.
  5. That our Harvest Festival be held last Sunday in September or the first in October – should Mr Crook be asked on 1st Sunday in Oct – then we hold the 29th Sept as the date.
  6. That Mr Hammond preach morning and evening – and that Mr Fry be invited to preach in the afternoon.

Sept 4 1901 Deacons Meeting held in vestry.
Present H H, J Crook and H Rowe
Members of Church and Congregation were invited to attend to confirm suggestions made by the Christian Endeavour Committee concerning choice of colour for painting Chapel walls, also estimates of contractors.
Only the above named were present.

  1. It was agreed that Bros Hammond and Crook go into Chard and confer with the members residing there – before confirming contract with Messrs Brewer & Bartlett.    
  2. It was resolved that the Harvest Thanksgiving Services be held on Sunday 29th
  3. That the sum of £5 be forwarded by the Treasurer to the Treasurer of the Evangelists Society.

Confirmed Dec 5th 1901

Note 1.
Harvest Thanksgiving – Sept 29/01

Collection£1. 13. 8
Sale of Vegetables£1. 9. 0
Surplus stock of sale of work£0. 8. 10
£3. 11. 6
Paid Treasurer of Crewkerne Hospital£1. 15. 0
Paid Treasurer Poor Fund£1. 16. 0
Commission pd£0. 0. 6
£3. 11. 6

-     See full particulars entered in Poor Book a/c

 Note 2
The Chapel was painted and Decorated Sept 20 – 27 1891

by Messrs Brewer & Bartlett of Chard on a contract for£12. 0. 0
The sale of work realised£21. 11. 3
Only this amount the Contractors were paid, and all other accounts amounting to £19. 6. 7 1⁄2
£2. 4. 7 1⁄2
Since then, for oil cloth, vestry floor£ 0. 16. 3
£1. 8. 4 1⁄2
Paid Mr Crook for Chapel Fund£1. 1. 0
£0. 7. 4 1⁄2

Note 3
“The Sale of Work and Chapel Painting  the work of the Christian Endeavour Society” – HH

Church Meeting held Dec 5th 1901
Mr Crook presided.
Minutes of previous meeting read and confirmed.  The meeting was called to discuss the date and arrangements of annual meeting of the church and congregation – the following particulars were decided upon – viz

  1. The date of the meeting be the 15th Jany – being Thursday on the second full week of the New Year.
  2. That the meeting be made as much a social as is possible after the business matters are completed.
  3. That due notice be sent to the Chard members of the Local Committee, viz Rev FJ Hyde, and Messrs Sanders & Gibbs.
  4. That Mr Sydney Cross of Venn be invited to preside at the meeting.
  5. That the Statements of account, and an abstract of the Annual report be presented by the Treasurer.
  6. That the Treasurer call upon Mrs Butler, Miss Millar and Miss Linsnyer and arrange preparation of amount allowed for Organist.

ANNUAL MEETING held Thursday, Jan 16th 1902
Prayer was offered by Bro Hutchings
Minutes discussing the arrangements made on Dec 5 were read.
Mr Sydney Cross of Maudlin occupied the Chair.  The Deacons report made by Mr Hutchings relative to the services was satisfactory.
An abstract of the Treasurers report was read.
Nine members had been received into church fellowship during the year.  The following special meetings had been held, viz

A Five days Mission – London Missionary Anniversary

A Village Keswick – Sunday School Anniversary – and Harvest Festival services.  All these occasions had been a source of good cheer to us all.  There was a small balance in hand.  Weekly offering had amounted to £21. 10. 0.

£6. 16. 0Sent to London Missionary Society
£5. 0. 0Sent to County Evangelists Society
£1. 15. 0Sent to Crewkerne Hospital
£1. 1. 0Sent to Miss Fry for Fund for Supporting Nurse
£0. 10. 6Sent to XXth Century Fund
£1. 15. 0Had been devoted to local benevolences

Through the medium of the Christian Endeavour Society a Sale of Work had been held realising £21 0 0   And out of this fund the Contract of £12 0 0 for painting and decorating the Chapel had been paid.  Also, cost of twelve chairs and matting for choir, etc, amounting to £2 15 0, Oil cloth for vestry 16/7½.  These facts, viz addition of nine members, painting the Sanctuary, successful anniversaries, good attendance at the Sabbath services and a balance in hand – Calls for devout thanksgiving to the Head of the Church and fervent prayer that He may Abide with us making the place of the Lord glorious.

Miss Bessie Bishop gave the report of the Christian Endeavour Society.
H H gave report of the Band of Hope meetings.
In the absence of the Superintendent, through sickness, there was no report of the Sunday School work.

The following conversations on the work of God amongst us under the following headings, viz

  1. What has been done?
  2. What signs of encouragement are there?
  3. What should be done in the future?

The Chairman privately expressed his interest and pleasure in this conversation – thought it was a new feature – and a very important one.

Deacons Meeting held Feb 20th 1902
Present Bros Crook, Rowe, Hutchings, Golsworthy snr & jnr.

  1. Minutes of last meeting were read and confirmed.
  2. The meeting held on behalf of Dr Barnardos Homes was very satisfactory – attendance very good.  Collections £3 0 0.  Mr Budge occupied the Chair.

The meeting then proceeded to consider and arrange for the forthcoming Missionary Anniversary next month.
Resolved that we invite the Rev Samuel Wilkinson of Taunton, to preach morning and afternoon, and to remain a few days with us for conferences and meetings.
Resolved that the Sunday School children be asked to take collecting card, and that not more than five be allowed, further that they collect for two weeks only.
Resolved that we invite the Quartette Choir in Chard to come over and help us in the afternoon.

After this H H reported that George Good, Junior, had expressed a desire to be received into Church fellowship, and brother Rowe and Hutchings were appointed to confer with him and report.

Then there followed a brief conversation about a Village Keswick – whether we should hold one this year – and whether Rev C Hamilton of Bath would come to us.

Deacons Meeting held in the vestry Mar 28th
Our first business was to render thanks to God for making our London Missionary Anniversary so prosperous in numbers interest and amount.  £8. 8. 0 was sent to the Society.   

Collected by Cards£6. 3. 5
Collected on Sunday£2. 8. 2
£8. 11. 7

Less expenses 5/11

The collection in 1901 were £6. 12. 0  
The collection in1900 were £3. 12. 0

Much prayer had been offered – 3 Missionary prayer meetings had been held and the collectors had done well.

The minutes of last meeting were read and confirmed.
After this we proceeded to consider the necessity of engaging some one to play the organ on the Sabbath evenings, and to practice the choir during the week when required.

Mr Crooke reported that Miss Miller had said that she could not continue to play at the evening services.  So the whole question of amount to be paid was considered.  It was resolved to increase the stipend from £2 to £3 and to apportion it as follows – viz 25/- to be paid to Mrs Butler, for playing at the morning service and 35/- to be paid to the one playing at the evening service – and for the practices.

It was proposed by Mr Golsworthy and seconded by Mr Rowe that we invite Miss Linsmore to play at the evening service on the aforesaid terms.  And that Mr Crook write to Miss Linsmore fully stating our requirements, and for an early date if accepted.

Resolved that we make an annual collection for the choir fund, and that some effort such as a service of song or social tea to be held to provide for any deficit there may be on this fund.

Resolved – that we hold a service in the Chapel on the day of the Kings Coronation – Also that Mr Hammond preach on that occasion.  Service at 12 o’ck.

After this, the Deacons remained to confer on the matter of asking the Church and Congregation to vote whether an application be made to the General Committee for Mr Hammond to remain with us a fourth year.

This proposal was brought before the Church and carried unanimously (Mr Crook/Mr Rowe)

On Tuesday Apr 8th
Rev FJ Hyde and Mr Gibbs met the Committee and members of the Local committee in the vestry.  Present Messrs Crook, Rev Hutchings & above.

The affairs of the Church – the services of the church – and the general prospects were discussed.  All agreed that the Evangelist Committee should grant a fourth year to H.H.  Messrs Hyde and Gibbs confessed their satisfaction and pleasure in the work – and wished us well for the future.
Mr Hyde addressed the C. E. meeting at the close of the above.

Apr 18 at the County Union meetings held at Wellington the Evangelist Society Committee granted the request of the Winsham Church to retain the services of Mr Hammond a fourth year.

Deacons Meeting held Aug 28th
Present Brothers Crook, Rowe, W Spurdle & Hopkins.

Meeting was called to make arrangements for Harvest Thanksgiving. 


  1. That we hold the services on Sunday Sept 28th morning afternoon and evening.
  2. That Mr Fry be invited to preach in the afternoon or evening.
  3. That fearing there may be a lack in the supply of fruits and vegetables, it is resolved that we make a public request for rabbits, butter and eggs also.
  4. That bills be printed and sent to all the farmers
  5. The proceeds of the Sunday collections and sale of fruits to be equally divided between Crewkerne Hospital funds and our own Benevolent fund.
  6. That the meeting be adjourned to Thursday Sep 11th.

Adjourned mtg Sept 11th
Present Messrs Crook, Rowe, Hutchings, G Good, W & C Spurdle.
Minutes of last meeting read and confirmed.

  1. Reported Mr Fry consents to come to us as above.
  2. Arranged for hymns and duets
  3. Decorations

Deacons meeting held Oct 7th 1902
Present Messrs Crook, Rowe, Golsworthy, Hopkins, Perham & Good.
We met to report on Harvest Thanksgivings, as follows

Morning collection£0. 18. 8
afternoon£1. 7. 6 1⁄2
evening£3. 2. 8 1⁄2
Sale of fruit & vegetables£1. 12.0
Contribution by Mr Fry£1. 0. 0
Subscribed at this meeting£0. 2. 11
£5. 17. 7 1⁄2

We Resolved to distribute as follows

To Crewkerne Hospital£2. 10. 0 (paid out)
To Village Nurses Fund for Miss Fry£1. 10. 0 (paid out)
To our own Benevolent Fund£1. 10. 0
To printer 5/-, hymns 1/-, sundries 1/9£0. 7. 7 1⁄2 (paid Mr Crook)
£5. 17. 7 1⁄2

After the business there was a conversation held on the work of God in our hands.
The meeting was opened and closed with prayers by Mr Rowe.

Mar 22 1903 London Missionary Anniversary 

Children collected£1. 18. 9
Adults collected£1. 15. 0
Subscription£0. 12. 6
Donation from C E S£0. 15. 0
Donation from S S£0. 6. 0
Collections on the Sunday£1. 2. 9
£6. 10. 0
Less expenses£0. 2. 6
£6. 7. 6 sent to Secty

L M S Mar 24th 03

In March 1903
The deacons of the Venn Congregational Church expressed a desire that the two churches Winsham and Venn should be united under one pastorate.
Mr Colthurst of Taunton opened a correspondence which led to a deputation being appointed by the Venn Church to meet the Committee of Enquiry at the County Union Meeting held at Chard in April.  The Winsham Committee met at Mr Crooks house later in April when the subject of amalgamation was freely discussed.
No resolution was proposed – neither was any report made to the Committee.
So the matter was allowed to subside.

But out of the above question arose this “What will Mr Hammond do?”  Mr Joyce proposed to appoint me to the Oakhill District and I consented.  On July the 6th I received a letter from Mr Joyce saying that very probably the Evangelical Committee would require my removal to Oakhill at an early date.
On Aug 28th Mr Joyce informed me that I should take up the work at Oakhill at the end of September.
So a farewell meeting was arranged for by the Deacons to take place on Sep 24th.
On Sunday Sep 13th I closed my ministry at Winsham – Many friends gathered and the services were most encouraging to us all.
After four years of useful and happy work in which nothing has failed – I leave the membership increased – indeed more than doubled – and without any debt in any of the departments.  There is a balance in the hand of the Treasurer of the Church accounts and also of the School accounts.
The work has been carried on most harmoniously – there has been no unpleasantness – only brotherly love has prevailed.  Besides the united testimony of the Deacons to the above proposperity and peace, there is the testimony of Mr Hugh Trenchard, Mr Fry of Cricket House and the Rev GW Joyce.
At the Deacons meeting held on Tuesday Sept 15th I submitted all the accounts in my hands and handed over to Mr Crook, this book and the Poor Fund Book.

Signed H Hammond
John Crook Treasurer
Solomon Hutchings
Henry Daniel Rowe

1903 October 28th Removed from Low Ham to Winsham after 7½ years work in Pitney District and 28½ years in Somerset.
November 1st  - commenced my work at Winsham.
November 26th After the service a Deacons Meeting was held when it was decided to hold recognition services on December 17th in the following order – afternoon at 4 o’clock – Preacher Rev S Jones of Langport.  Public tea at 5.30,  6d each.  Evening meeting at 6.45 the following to be asked to take part.
Mr J Crook (Chairman), Revs F J Hyde, G Say, S Jones and Messrs Sanders and Gibbs.  Mr Crook presented his accounts as Treasurere.
Mr Cullen was appointed Junior Deacon.  Other Church matters were discussed.
John J Jordan

1904 January 7th. After the usual service a Deacons Meeting was held when the annual schedule were passed and signed.

Mr Crook kindly consented to remain Treasurer.  Mention was made of several of the members on the Church roll who have left or gone away – their names will be dropped from revised list.
General matters were also discussed.
John J Jordan

1904 September 1st. That Mr Jordan be empowered to seek outside help for the thatching of the Manse and other work.  Pro: Mr Crook, Sec Mr Cullen carried.  That the Harvest Thanksgiving services be either on Sept 25th or Oct 2nd. Pro M Hutchings Sec Mr Rowe, carried.

Services to be conducted by Mr Jordan or some other friend he may get and F J Fry Esq be asked to take the afternoon service.  Collections for Crewkerne Hospital and other benevolent work.  Decorations, sale, singing, and other details as formally.
Bills from Langport.
John J Jordan

1904 Oct 26th. After the usual service a Deacons meeting was held.
Present Messrs J Crook, H Rowe, S Hutchings and myself.
It was decided to send £1 10 to Crewkerne Hospital, 15/- to the District Nursing Fund and £1 3 6 for our Church poor Fund from proceeds of Harvest Thanksgiving services.
I paid in £4 15 collected for manse repairs etc.
The order is to be given to Mr J Loaring to do the thatching forthwith.  Mr Crook spoke of holding some pleasant evenings meetings this winter for which he will be responsible if held.
John J Jordan

Mr Weardale Phillips commenced his ministry on Nov 5th 1905 and was publicly welcomed on Dec 14th.  Mr G E Colthurst of Taunton presided and the Revs W H Thomas of So Petherton & F J Hyde of Chard and the members of the local committee took part.

As an outcome of a Social Meeting of the Church and Congregations the decision was arrived at to have regular church meetings at which the ordinary business of the church should be considered and despatched, in accordance with Congregational usage.

The first of these Church meetings was held on Feb 28th 06 at which the pastor presided.
It was agreed on the motion of Mr Jordan, seconded by Mrs Rowe that the Chapel, School, Vestry and Manse should be insured.  The offer of the ‘Commercial Union Assurance Co Ltd’ of London, through Mr Colthurst of Taunton was accepted – viz –

£600on the Chapel and school and vestryat 1/6 percent
£50on the two harmoniums, furniture and booksat 1/6 percent
£250on the thatched Manseat 5/- percent
Total£900costing £1. 2. 3 premium

Mr John Crook after six years faithful and zealous stewardship resigned the position of treasurer.  On the motion of Mr Jordan, seconded by Mr Rowe, his resignation was accepted with keen expressions of regret.  At Mr Phillips’ suggestion seconded by Mr Jordan, Mr Croook was induced to hold the position temporarily.
On the motion of Mr Jordan seconded by Mrs Phillips that Messrs John Crook, H Rowe & C Cullen were unanimously elected as Deacons.
Some informal conversation took place with regard to the better management of the church – greater care of the hymn books and the need of officials being in this place at the public services – being points that were earnestly insisted upon.

In accordance with the above a Policy numbered 6158565 for £900 has been placed with Deeds at repository in Taunton School.
Particulars of insurance for ‘The Trustees of Congregational Chapel’.
£600 on the Building of the Chapel, vestry and school all communicating
£50 on the pews, two harmoniums, furniture and books therein
£250 on the building of the manse stone-built and thatched near but not connected with or adjoining the above.

Apr 16 06
Mr & Mrs Jordan were transferred to the Venn Congreg. Church.

July 15th 1906. Sunday School Anniversary Services were held the preachers being Mr J S Prentice of Ilminster.  The collections for the day amounted to £1 19 0.

Oct 7th 1906. Harvest Thanksgiving Services were celebrated.  The Pastor, Mr Weardale Phillips preached morning and evening.  Mr F J Fry, High Sheriff for Somerset, gave an address at the afternoon Service and contributed a donation of £2.  The proceeds for the day, including sale of fruit on the following Monday, amounted to £4 9 1.

Nov 26 06. The Deacons, Messrs Crook & Rowe and the Pastor, met and allocated the above sum £4 9 1 to the following objects:

Taunton Hospital£1. 0. 0
Nursing Association£1. 0. 0
Evangelist Society£1. 5. 0
Poor Fund£1. 0. 1
Printing of bills£0. 3. 0
Gratuity to Chapel Keeper£0. 1. 0
£4. 9. 1

On Thursday, Feb 21st 1907 special services were held in the Congregational Church Chard in connection with the ordination of Mr Weardale Phillips of Winsham who successfully passed the Somerset Congreg. Union examinations, being bracketed first class each year.  The service was presided over by Rev F J Hyde, Rev G W Joyce gave the exposition of Congregational principles and the charges to the Minister at the Candidate’s own request, were given by the Rev Edwin Tongue of Taunton.  The ordination prayer was given by the Rev J G James, D.Lit.MA of Enfield, London.

Rev Weardale Phillips, having accepted the invitation to become Warden of the social settlement in comnnection with Dr James’ church at Enfield, closed his ministry at Winsham after a brief sojourn of but 15 months on Sunday Feb 24th 1907.

Sunday March 10th 1907 Mr Hammond resumed his ministry at Winsham.  After 3 ½ years at Nettleridge, Rev G W Joyce and the County Evangelist Committee, with the full consent and approval of the Church here – invited Mr Hammond to renew his ministry.

In the good providence and grace of God the first term of 4 years ministry was both useful and happy.  And now re-appointed by the same unchangeable Lord of this Church, his prayer is that Peace and Prosperity may prevail, to live the more abundant life, and to preach the gospel of Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, is the one desire of his heart.

March.  Mr Prentice gave selections from “The Messiah” on his excellent gramaphone there was a splendid audience – Chapel full.  Collection £1 12 6.

Jul 7th. S S Anniversary Service.  Preacher Mr Prentice.  Chapel crowded at both afternoon and evening services.  Collection in Chapel and subscription collected a total of £6 6 0.

July 11th. S S Treat at Seaton.  Beautiful weather.  Nine conveyances – expenses.

On Tuesday Aug 13th a meeting to say Goodbye to Mr & Mrs Crock was held in the Schoolroom.  Tea at 6 o’clk about 35 sat down.  Mtg 7.00.   An illuminated address was presented to Mr & Mrs Crock in acknowledgement of the 12 years service for School and Church.  Both Mr & Mrs C suitably acknowledged the presentation.  The Presentation address cost for printing 7/6, for framing 4/-, total 11/6.  Profits on tea 7/-.  Subscribed by G W Sanders 2/6, P Rowe 1/-, school children 1/-.  At this meeting it was proposed and seconded that Harvest Thanksgiving Service be held on Sunday Sep 22nd.  That Mr Hammond be requested to preach morning and evening and F J Fry Esq in the afternoon.  A Committee to arrange for decorations etc were appointed.

April 27th Meeting held in the Manse

Present Mr Rowe, Mr Helliar, Mr Gould and myself.

I deeply regret to have to report that this meeting was called to arrange for the work being carried on during my absence.  During this month I consulted Dr Balfour, Chard, respecting my health.  Since end of January I have felt painfully unequal to my work.  I was away for two weeks in February at Bournemouth, but at the end of March I was exhausted again.  So I called on Dr Balfour.  The Doctor reported me, as per certificate, unable to follow my vocation.  The doctor advised “six months rest and then seek some light employment”.  After serious consideration I resolved to send in my resignation to Rev J W Joyce.  This I did Apr 2nd.  After the County Meeting at Stoke sub Hamdon, Mr Joyce wrote saying “Your resignation was accepted, with very great regret and sympathy.  It was also resolved that we continue Mr Hammonds salary to the end of July.  And that his position be considered again at the end of six months.”  So the Church Mtg, Apr 27th, was called by me as stated above.

It was resolved

  1. That Messrs Gould, Helliar, Spurdle and H Loaring be a Committee to assist Mr Rowe during my absence.
  2. That Mr Helliar be appointed to act as correspondent with Rev F J Hyde, also that Mr Helliar receive the collections and act as Treasurer.
  3. That the Committee secure accommodation for preachers.
  4. That the Committee ask Miss Linsmeyer and Mrs Butler to prepare for S S Anniversary in July.
  5. That Mr John Prentice be asked to preach anniversary sermons

Oct 8th 1908
Committee called to consider whether we shall have stone-piping inside the Chapel instead of as at present.  Present W Spurdle, H Loaring and myself.  Mr Rowe and Mr Helliar could not attend.  I had spoken to them privately and they approved.  Mr Churchill was asked to inspect and advise.  After inspecting the piping outside and calculating probable costs we requested Mr Churchill to proceed with the work and to complete same this month. 
Note Oct 30th Mr Churchill has completed the refitting of stone pipes.
Cash £3. 0. 0. Satisfactory. Paid for.

1909 January 4th This evening at the C E Social a beautiful Illuminated Address in lithograph print and colour was presented to Mr H D Rowe for the years of useful and faithful service in School and church.
The address was to cost 22/6 – the framing was done by Mr Mumford of Chard and paid for by Messrs Hyde, Sanders and others.  Members of the congregation and children at the school have subscribed cost of printing.

And now I must enter my last note in the journal.  In consequence of eye and brain trouble I was advised by Dr Balfour, Chard, to obtain six months rest and do only light work.  So I resigned.  My official connection ceased on Dec 6th 08.  Since then I have superintended the work till Mr Taylor’s arrival.  I grieve that I cannot close my Ministerial life in Winsham – I intended to do so when I returned in March 1907.  However, I hope the Lord may grant me the pleasure of serving him for another year or two.  I have preached His gospel for forty two years.  In the London City Mission I spent years of very hard work.  Four members have joined the Church during this second appointment.  May my successor be abundantly blessed in soul and in service.
Henry Hammond

Meeting held Sep 11th 1908 in the Manse
Present Mr Rowe, Mr & Mrs Helliar, Miss Linsmeyer, Mr Spurdle and Mr H Loaring with Mrs H and myself.

After prayer – and remarks expressing thanks to God for the favours during past few months, we proceeded to arrange for forthcoming Harvest thanksgiving Services.  Reslvd.

  1. That our friends of Venn Chapel having chosen Sep 20th as the date of the Harvest Service, it was resolved that we hold ours on Sunday Sep 28th.
  2. That Mr Hammond preach in the morning, that Mr Fry be asked to preach in the evening and that Mr Shires be asked to preach in the evening.
  3. That Miss Linsmeyer be asked to prepare some special hymns and music.
  4. That Miss Northcombe be asked to play her violin, and that Mr Ernest Shissy play his cornet.
  5. That Mr Rowe be asked to dispose of the harvest offerings on the following Monday evening.
  6. That bills be printed.
  7. That the proceeds be devoted to County Mission Fund and benevolent purposes.
  8. That Mrs Roper of Ford Abbey and Mrs Fry of Cricket House be asked for fruit and flowers.

January 1909
Mr J Taylor commenced his ministry here as Evangelist & Pastor on Jan 7th 1909.  When I took up the work here I found the expenses included Mr Grimshalls bill 10/- and 2/6 Mr Jordan for conducting service.
There was handed to me 2/-.
There being no money in hand for the Sunday School a meeting was called after the Sunday evening service and it was decided to ask Mr Prentice of Ilminster to come over and give his lecture on his recent visit to Switzerland etc.,  to give the children a treat and also to have a public tea. J. T.

Feb 10th 1909
Mr Prentice came over on the occasion referred to above and the service was much enjoyed and the proceedings gave us a small bal-in-hand. J. T.

At a meeting called after the Com Service March 7th, it was decided to hold a recognition service in connection with my settlement here on the 25th inst.  And to ask the Rev F J Hyde, The Rev J W Gadsby, & TT Forsay to speak and Mr Prentice to take the chair.  A collection to be taken towards repairs of manse etc.  At the above meeting a letter was read from the Rev J H Shanger, late of Wiveliscombe in which he spoke very highly of the earnest service rendered in the Lyd St Lawrence District by Mr Taylor.  Mr Hammond also wrote regretting his inability through sickness to be present and wishing Mr Taylor every blessing. J. T.

At a meeting called after the Sunday Evening Service May 9th it was decided to ask Mr Prentice to conduct the Anniversary Services of the Sunday School on June 13th. J. T.   

It was further decided to have a Public Tea on the following Monday and to give the children a tea.  Also to have a public meeting and to write the Rev F J Hyde, TT Forsey to speak and Mr Prentice to take the chair. J. T.

Meeting called after eve service Aug 8th
It was decided to have the School Treat on the 26th and to ask Mr Cross of Bere Farm for the use of his field and to have a public tea 6d each.

At the above meeting it was decided to ask Mr Fry of Cricket House to conduct the afternoon service in connection with the Harvest Thanksgiving services and to have the same if possible the end of Sept. J. T.

Meeting held after Evening service Sep 5th.
Mr Taylor reported that Mr Fry would not be able to be present at the harvest Service but that he had promised £5 towards renovation funds and had sent 20/- for the collection.

Mr Taylor was asked to preach in the evening and asked the Rev Forsey to take the morning service and that the Chard Open Air Mission Band be asked to take the afternoon service.  That there be a public meeting on Wed 29th, Mr Taylor to secure speakers after which the fruits etc to be sold  and the proceeds to be devoted to the renovation funds.

Meeting held after the Comm Service Oct 3rd 1909.  It was decided to ask the Friends in Chard to hold the Jumble Sale on behalf of the Renovation Funds at their earliest convenience.  The end of Nov if possible.  Mr Taylor brought forward the names of Mr F Hill Western Way, Miss Warren Church St and Miss F Forsey Winnard as candidates for Church Fellowship the same having professed conversion for over 6 months and having recently expressed a desire to join the Church.  Mr Rowe and Mrs Hammond were asked to visit the three candidates. J.T.

Meeting called before the service Nov 7th to consider reports from Mr Rowe and Mrs Hammond re Mr Hill Miss Warren and Miss Forsey.  The Visitors gave a satisfactory report in each case.  At the Ordinance Service Bro Hill and Sisters Warren & Forsey were officially recognised as members of the Church Meeting.  Called at the close of the above Ord Service.

It was decided that Mr Taylor should conduct some Continuation Services during the Winter on Sunday evenings with the aid of the Lantern first Lecture to be on John Bunyan.

It was further decided that Mr Taylor should start a Band of Hope if possible and that Mr Taylor conduct a Lantern Mission if possible the beginning of the New Year.

Meeting called after the Ord Service Dec 5th
Mr Taylor stated that owing to the General Election he thought it was wise to have a Mission in June this was agreed. J.T.

(Special note re Payment of Rates) Mr Taylor having stated that He was a Passive Resister under the Education Act and by refusing to pay that part of the rates He would be misunderstood in the village after consultation with the Local Members of the Committee and Mr Prentice it was decided that under the circumstances and considering that Mr Taylor had done a lot of labour and was prepared still to do so Free that his rates should be paid out of the Church Funds.

Meeting after the Comm Service Sunday Feb 6th

After careful consideration it was decided to adopt the weekly envelope system but some expressed disapproval.  It was further unanimously decided that Mr Taylor should endeavour to book Mr Cook from the London Evangelisation Society for a Mission in the early part of next Winter.

At a meeting of the Congregation called after the Mornning & Evening Service on March 6th it was unan. decided to purchase the New Cong Hymnal.  That Tune Books be bought from the Organ and that 2 doz at 6d and 3 doz at 1/- and 1 doz at 1/6 be bought and that the congregation be induced to buy their own the others to be used for visitors.

It was also decided to ask the Rev J H Cox of Taunton to preach the opening Service on April the 7th in the afternoon and speak in the evening and that Mr Colthurst of Taunton be asked to take the chair.  That the Rev F J Hyde be asked also to speak and Mr Prentice.  Further that special services be continued on the following Sunday and that Mr Prentice be asked to preach and that there should be a public tea on the Thursday.

Meeting of Church and Congregation called after the evening service Aug 28th.

It was decided that the Harvest Thanksgiving Services be held the last Sunday in Sept and the most suitable night in the week following.

  1. That Mr Fry be asked to conduct the afternoon service.
  2. That Mr Farne of Crewkerne be asked to preach on the Sunday failing him Mr Adams.
  3. That Mr Symes be asked to take the Chair on the weeknight. 

Speakers the Rev F J Hyde, the Rev Bied Baptist Minister Chard.  The Rev Forsey, H Hammond, J J Jordan and Mr A Gibbs.  That the Proceeds be devoted to the Renovation Funds.
J Taylor

These minutes of various meetings during the year 1910 were read at the Church meeting on Jan 4th 1911 and confirmed.
J Taylor

Correspondence & Reports of Meetings: 1911 - 1922

Minutes of Meeting of Church & congregation Jan 4th 1911
Present Mr & Mrs Taylor, Mr Rowe, Mr Spurdle, Mr Hilliar, Mr H Loaring, Mrs Loaring, Mrs Forsay, Miss Moray.

  1. Bro Taylor read the whole of the minutes for 1910 which were confirmed.
  2. Mr Taylor gave a detailed a/c of the expenditure and income of the church during the year 1910.  Also, the Renovation Fund.   On the weekly offering a balance of £1 0 0d was shown to be in hand.  It was decided that this should be sent to the Evangelist Society.  On the Renovation Fund there was a bal. due to the Treasurer of £3 11 3.  It was decided that a jumble sale and concert be held at the earliest date possible and that a concert be arranged for the same evening and that Mr Fone of Crewkerne be asked to come and recite and that Friends from Chard be asked to sing.  It was resolved that the Secretary of the Cong Union be asked to insert a paragraph in the Annual Report acknowledging the great kindness and splendid help rendered by the Chard Cong Church and to Mr & Mrs Prentice of Ilminster by holding a sale of work and jumble sale in the Chard Cong. Schoolroom on behalf of the Renovation Funds which realized £18 4 4.  Mr Taylor stated that Mr Fry had kindly given a donation of £5 towards the centenary renovation scheme.  This had been handed over to Mr Prentice. J Taylor

Meeting after service Jan 8th 1911
Mr Taylor explained that the Cong Union now requires that all Ministers and evangelists and their wives must in order to be members of the Cong Church be elected by vote or by transfer whereupon Mr & Mrs Taylor were duly elected.

Mr Taylor further explained that at the annual meeting of the Union he discovered that for the whole time he had been in the county over 8 years.  He had attended the business meetings of the County on sufferance and had no real right there and if this church wished him to be their to represent them they must elect him as a Delegate.  This was unanimously agreed to.
It was further suggested that his travelling expenses be paid out of the Church funds.

Meeting after Service Feb 5th.
The following resolution was unanimously passed.  That having heard that the Rev J J Jordan and his wife contemplated returning to Winsham to live we beg to assure him that he has the sympathy of every member of this Church and that we shall most gladly welcome him and his wife back to the fellowship of the Church.  And we trust that the support which we know they will be most ready to give to the work carried on here by the Evangelists will prove a blessing to themselves the Church and the Neighbourhood.  It was stated at this meeting that the deficit amount to £3 11 3 had been met by proceed of jumble sale and subscriptions. J Taylor

On Feb 23rd the Friends from Venn kindly gave a service of song in the Chapel and the collection was devoted to the hymn book fund.

Meeting after the C E Meeting May 9th.
Friends interested in the School. It was decided unan. to ask Mr Prentice to preach the anniversary Sermon in June.  Also to ask Mr Syms to take the chair on the Monday Mr Gibbs and the Revs F J Hyde & J J Forsey to speak.

Meeting called after the Com. Service May 7th
The following names were submitted for Church Membership
Mrs Good, Mrs Bridle & Mrs Stroud.  Visitors were appointed.

On Sunday June 4th after satisfactory reports had been given by the Visitors Mrs Good, Mrs Bridle & Mrs Stroud were unan. elected as Church members.
At the Com Service the right hand of fellowship was given to Mrs Good and Mrs Bridle.  Mrs Stroud was not able to be present.

At the close of the service on April 30th Mr Taylor announced to the congregation that he had accepted a call to become Pastor of the Cong Church at Broadwindsor.  A Resolution was passed asking Mr Taylor not to leave until the end of June.

I deeply regret that owing to illness I was not able to take the services on June the 25th which was the closing Sunday of my ministry at Winsham. J Taylor

June 18th.  Mr E J Stamp of Honiton came on probation and preached twice.  Mr J S Prentice presided over an after meeting when Mr Stamp was unanimously invited and he was appointed the next day by the County Committee.

July 16th Mr Stamp commenced his ministry. H E Jordan

Church Meeting held 3rd Aug 1911
The transfer of Edgar John Stamp (Pastor) and of Mary Louisa Stamp his wife was received from the Congregational Church at Honiton.  Mr & Mrs Stamp being then welcomed with the right-hand of fellowship by Mr Rowe – Deacon.

It was resolved that Rev H Hammond be appointed as our representative on The Chard & District Free Church Council. Edgar J Stamp14 Sept 1911

At the Communion Service on Sunday evening 7th August 1911
Rev J Taylor and Mrs Taylor (his wife) were transferred to the Congregational Church at Broadwindsor.   Edgar J Stamp 14 Sept 1911

Church Meeting held 14th Sept 1911.
Pastor in the Chair.  Minutes of previous meeting read and confirmed.  Reports were presented of Harvest Thanksgiving & Recognition Services.  Harvest Thanksgiving services were held on Sunday Sep 3rd at which the Pastor preached morn & even.  F J Fry Esq was asked to conduct the afternoon service, but being unable to so sent £1 0 0 for the collection.  The service was conducted by Rev H Hammond and address given by Rev J J Jordan.

The Recognition Services were held on the following Thursday Sept 7th when a sermon was preached in the afternoon by Rev W Rosewarne (Pastor of Cong Church, Honiton).  Tea was provided in School Room at which over 40 sat down.  Followed by public meeting in Chapel when J S Prentice Esq, J P Presided and the Speakers were Rev F J Hyde (Chairman of Somerset Congregational Union), Rev W Rosewarne, Rev Forsey of Venn, Mr Sanders (Secretary of Chard & District Free Church Council)  Mr Williams (Deacon of Congl Church Honiton) and Mr Rowe Deacon of this church.  The other business transacted:- it was resolved to open the winter session of Christian Endeavour Society with a Social Evening on Monday Oct 2nd.  Mrs Stamps offer to give the refreshments being accepted.  Also to commence the week evening Prayer Meetings on Thurs Oct 5th. Edgar J Stamp 26 Oct 1911

Church Meeting held 26 Oct 1911.
The Pastor in the Chair, minutes of previous meeting were read & confirmed.  The connection with the centenary of this Chapel and the Autumnal Meetings of the Somerset Congregational Union (Western District) to be held at Winsham on Thurs Nov 2nd.  It was resolved that Mrs Stamp & Mrs Jordan be asked to arrange for the tea.
Edgar J Stamp 30 Nov 1911

Church Meeting held 30 Nov 1911
The Pastor in the Chair.  Minutes of last meeting were read and confirmed.  Reports were given of the Union Centenary Meetings held on Thursday Nov 2nd at which a sermon was preached in the afternoon by Rt Hon Sir J Compton-Ricket MP DL of London who also spoke at the tea table subject “The Church’s opportunity”.  At the Centenary Meeting in the evening the chair was taken by P H Deverell Esq! JP of Western-super-Mare, Chairman of the District.  J S Prentice Esq, JP, who gave a very interesting account of The History of the Church.  Also Rev F J Hyde, Chairman of Somerset Congregational Union.  A fund was started in aid of putting new roof to manse.

£9. 17. 6 being promised at The Meeting.
The Proceeds of the Day were also devoted to this fund.
£2. 1. 4 ½ p being handed to Mr Prentice as Treasurer of this Fund.

It was resolved that we ask Rev Joyce if he could arrange for a Missionary Deputation to speak here in the spring.

That a Watch Night Service be held, and a week of Prayer Meetings commencing Jan 8th.
A circular letter was read from the Secy of Union.
Edgar J Stamp 9 Jan 1912

Church Meeting held Jan 9th 1912.
The Pastor in the Chair.  The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.  The schedules for 1911 were passed as correct and ordered to be signed.
E J Stamp 31 Jan 1912

Church Meeting held Jan 31st 1912.
The Pastor in the Chair.  The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.  Pro by Mrs Forsey, sec by Mrs Golesworthy and carried that Mrs Stamp be delegate to Somerset Congl Union Meetings.  Mr Rowe pro and Mrs Forsey sec and carried that 12 envelopes be obtained from the L.M.S. for self denial week.  Mrs Stroud pro and Mrs Forsey sc & carried that we purchase 12 new Sankey’s Hymn Books at 3d each for Sunday Evening Services.
E J Stamp Feb 29th 1912

Church Meeting held 29 February 1912.
Pastor in the Chair.  Minutes of previous meeting were read and confirmed.  A letter was read from Miss Linsmeyer resigning the position of Organist.  Resolved that a letter be sent to Miss Linsmeyer.  Thanking her for her past services and expressing regret at her leaving us.  Also that a present be given to Miss Linsmeyer in Appreciation of her work during the many years  she has filled the position of organist.  Mrs Stamp and Miss F Forsey were appointed to collect subscriptions for the same.  The presentation to be made on behalf of the Church and Congregation at Sunday evening Mar 25th.  It was unanimously resolved to ask Miss Fanny Forsey to become organist for Sunday evening services on the usual terms.  Miss Forsey being present.  Accepted the position.  A letter was read from Rev Joyce stating that Rev A W Wilson of British Guiana would address a meeting as deputation of the LMS on Monday evening Mar 18th at our Chapel.
Edgar J Stamp 4 Mar 1912

Church meeting held 4 April 1912.
Pastor in the Chair.  Minutes of previous meeting were read and confirmed.  It was decided to discontinue Thursday evening Meetings during summer months.  Also church meetings unless special business arise.  The Communion Collection of Easter Sunday to be in aid of LMS Widows & Orphans Fund.

At the Communion Service on Sunday evening 4 Aug 1912.  On the motion of Mr Rowe, seconded by Mrs Forsey, Miss Brown was received into the fellowship of this church by transfer from the Lansdown Baptist Church, Bournemouth.
Edgar J Stamp 5 Dec 1912

Church Meeting held 5 Dec 1912.
Pastor in the chair. Minutes of previous meeting were read and confirmed. On the motion of Mrs Stroud 2nd by Mrs Spurdle, Rev H Hammond & Mrs Stamp were appointed delegates to Chard & District Free Ch Council.  Decided to have 3 Missionary Collecting cards for the children of S.S.  To hold Watch Night Service – also week of prayer in January.
The Pastor to see what arrangements could be made for special evangelistic mission.
Edgar J Stamp 9 Jan 1913

Church Meeting held 9 Jan 1913.
Pastor in the chair.  Minutes of previous meeting read and confirmed.  Resolved to send £3 0 0 to the County Union for 1912 a/c.
Resolved to form Pastor’s Bible Class on Sunday afternoons.
The schedule A/cs were read, passed and ordered to be signed.

Edgar J Stamp 29 Jan 1913

Church Meeting held 29 Jan.
Pastor in the chair.  Minutes of previous meeting were read and confirmed.  Arrangements were made for S S tea on Feb 13.
Edgar J Stamp 9 Jan 1914

At the Communion Service on Sunday Evening 7th Dec 1913 Miss Van Vyvern was received into the fellowship of this church by transfer from the Reformed Church at Rotterdam, Holland.
Edgar J Stamp 9 Jan 1914

Church Meeting held 9 Jan 1914
Pastor in the chair.  Minutes of previous meetings were read and confirmed.  The schedule a/cs were read, passed & authorised to be signed.
W J Gadsby May 3rd 1914

Church Meeting held May 6th 1914. with the Pastor in the Chair.  The meeting opened with prayer by Mr Jordan.  The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.

The following resolutions were passed with unanimity

  1. First That the best thanks of the church be given to Our Friend Mr Rowe for his faithful work, as deacon and superintendent of the S School.
  2. Second that a Diaconate of three Deacons should be formed.  Our friends Mr Rowe, Mr Jordan, Mr Hammond were elected as deacons.
  3. Third That the Anniversary of the Sunday School should take place on Sunday July 5th and that Mr J S Prentice be asked to take the Services.  A Committee of Ladies were appointed to make the arrangements.  Mrs Stroud, Mrs Spurdle, Mrs Hammond, Mrs Jordan, Mrs Good, Miss Dummett and Miss Forsey.
  4. Fourth That Mrs Sarah Loaring be received as a Member of this Church at the next Communion Service.
  5. Fifth That Mr Singleton be asked to repair the windows of the manse and the mason to reset the furnace.
  6. Sixth That the pastor’s recognition should take place June the 11th.
  7. Seventh That a week night service should be tried during the summer month.

Signed WJ Gadsby

June 19th 1914
Church Meeting held June 19th 1914 with the Pastor in the Chair.  The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.  A letter was read from Miss M Brown resigning her membership and also a letter of transfer of Mr & Mrs Gadsby from the Church at Kingsdon to the Church worshipping at Winsham.  The Pastor read the account of the recognition services, which were very satisfactory.  It was moved that arrangements be made to take the Sunday School Children to Seaton, by brake, sometime in August.  All the above were carried and the meeting closed with prayer by the Pastor.
Signed W J Gadsby Oct 8th

Church Meeting held Oct 8th with the Pastor in the Chair.  The meeting opened with prayer. The minutes of the last meeting were  read and confirmed.   Mr Jordan proposed that the week night be held on Wednesday, instead of Thursday, seconded and carried.

It was proposed and seconded that the anniversary of our church should be kept up  For years it had been allowed to lapse.  It was decided we should have an anniversary this year on Sunday November 8th and the public meeting on the 10th and that the Local Ministers be invited for the occasion and Mr J S Prentice be asked to preside.  It was proposed and seconded that Mr W Spurdle should be our delegate to the Free Church Council meetings Carried.
 Signed W J Gadsby 9th Dec 1914

Church Meeting Dec 9th 1914
With the Pastor in the Chair.  The meeting was opened with prayer and the minutes of the last meeting read and confirmed.  A Letter was read from the Somerset Incorporated Congregational Union Signed by the Rev E Skilton and Mr H J Pollard.  Stating the serious conditions of the finances of the Union.  It was proposed by Mr Jordan and seconded by Mr Spurdle that we send an extra five pounds for the year ending 1914.  Carried.  It was also proposed, seconded and carried That a Farthing Club should be started in connection with our church at the commencement of the New Year and that Mrs Gadsby be appointed Sec and Treasurer.  It was also decided that a Xmas party should take place on Monday December 28th by the Members of the Church and congregation and scholars and teachers of our Sunday School.  Sympathy was expressed for our good friend Mr Rowe who had been laid aside for several days with illness praying he would soon be able to get about again.
W J Gadsby March 5th 1915

A short church was held on Friday Jan 8th after the service, where the schedules was examined and passed.

A short church meeting was held on Wednesday Jan 27th when Miss Barr’s request for membership was brought forward.  It was proposed by Mr Rowe, seconded by Mrs Goldworthy that Miss Barr be received into membership.  Carried.
W J Gadsby March 5th 1915

Church Meeting held March 5th with the pastor in the chair.  The meeting opened with prayer.  The minutes of the last meeting was read and confirmed.  It was proposed by Mr Jordan and seconded by Mrs Good that our Egg Service be held on Easter Sunday.  Carried.  and that Mr Prentice and Mrs Prentice be asked to take the services.  It was also decided that the Sunday School Anniversary take place as near July the 11th as possible and that the services in the week be held on the Wednesday. And Mr Prentice and the Local Minister be asked to take the services.  It was proposed and seconded that cowls be fixed on the stove and furnace chimneys, and that a new sieve be bought for the church work.  It was also proposed and seconded that Mr Jordan be asked to call at Mr Loaring’s and ask him to do the manse as soon as possible.  A letter was read from Miss F Forsey resigning her post as organist.  It was proposed and seconded that a letter of appreciation be sent to Miss Forsey for all her good work, in connection with her office as organist.  Carried.
W J Gadsby  May 5th

Church Meeting held May 5th Pastor in the Chair.  The meeting opened with prayer.  The minutes of the last meeting was read and confirmed.  It was proposed by Mr Rowe, seconded by Mr Jordan, that a new stove be bought for the Church.  It was also decided to get new blinds for the window.  It was also decided to hold a Flower Service some time in July and that hymn sheets etc be got for the Sunday School Anniversary.  it was proposed and seconded that the Rev E Mann be asked to preach on the occasion of the S.S.A., failing him Mr Prentice.
Signed W J Gadsby

Church Meeting held Friday July 2nd with the Pastor in the Chair.  The minutes of the last meeting was read and confirmed.  It was proposed and seconded that a Tea Meeting be held in connection with the S.S. Anniversary.  The sermon in the afternoon be preached by the Rev J Keen of Chard carried.  It was also proposed and seconded that Mr Charles A Cullen’s name be re-entered as a member of the Church.  Mr Cullen has been away from the District for some time.  It was also decided the flower service be held as near the date as last year as possible.
W J Gadsby

Church Meeting held Oct 6th with the Pastor in the Chair.  The meeting opened with prayer.  The minutes of the last meeting was read and confirmed.  It was proposed and seconded the Church Anniversary be held on Sunday Oct 24, and on the following Thursday and that Mr Prentice be asked to conduct the services on the Sunday and the Rev Ambrose of Crewkerne be asked to preach on the Thursday and Rev T Forsey and Mr Prentice also be ask to address in the evening.  It was also decided to have a tea on the occasion.
Signed Dec 15th 1915 W J Gadsby

Church Meeting held Dec 15th 1915 with the Pastor in the Chair.  The meeting opened with prayer and the minutes of the last meeting was read and confirmed.  Our Young Friend Harold Spurdle resigned his post as organ blower.  A vote of thanks was passed to our young friend for the work he had done for so many years.  The names of two lads was mentioned who might take his place.  The Pastor was appointed to see them.  It was proposed by Mr Jordan and seconded by Mr Rowe that another be sent to the Union towards the Evangelist Fund the end of this year.  It was also decided that the Christmas Pary in connection with the school be held the first Thursday in January.
Signed W J Gadsby Jan 10th 1916

Church Meeting held Jan 16th with the Pastor in the Chair.  The minutes of the last meeting was read and confirmed.  After prayer had been offered the Schedules for the year was examined passed and signed.  It was proposed and seconded that Miss F Forsey become Organist for the Bible Class.
Signed Oct 9 1916 W J Gadsby

Church Meeting held Oct 9th with the Pastor in the Chair.  The meeting opened with prayer and the minutes of the last meeting was read and confirmed. It was proposed by Mr Jordan and seconded by Mr Rowe that five pounds be sent to the Congregational Union.

The Names of our Friends Mr & Mrs Smith and Mrs Phelps was brought forward for membership.  It was proposed and seconded and carried unan. that they be accepted.  The question of the water coming into the school room was discussed.  It was proposed and seconded that Mr Smith should examine the roof and report at the next church meeting what is best to be done.
W J Gadsby Jan 10th 1917

Church Meeting held Jan 10th with the Pastor in the Chair.  The meeting opened with prayer and the minutes of the last meeting was read and confirmed.   The schedules for the year 1916 was examined passed and signed.  It was pro by Mr Jordan and seconded by Mr Rowe that some arrangements should be made for the repairs of the Chapel and School Room.  It was also pro and seconded that a Social be held in connection with the church.
W J Gadsby March 12th 1917

Church Meeting held March 12th with the Pastor in the Chair.  The meeting opened with prayer.  The minutes of the last meeting was read and confirmed.  It was proposed and seconded that the Anniversary of the Church should be held on April 1st and 4th., and Mr Prentice be asked to take the services.  The question of the consecration of the unconsecrated part of the Cemetery, suggested by the Local Government Board, was thought to be a very serious matter by the church, it was proposed and seconded that the Pastor should protest against it which was unanimously carried.
W J Gadsby Dec 11th 1917

Church Meeting held Dec 11th with the Pastor in the Chair.  The meeting opened with prayer.  The minutes of the last meeting was read and confirmed.   It was proposed and seconded that a further five pounds be sent to the Congregational union, making a total of £15 0 0 sent this year (1917).  It was proposed and seconded that Mr J S Prentice be asked to become a honorary Member of our Church.  It was also decided that Mr Singleton be asked to repair a window in the Manse.
W J Gadsby Jan 8th 1918

Church Meeting held Jan 8th with the Pastor in the Chair.  The minutes of the last meeting was read and confirmed.   The Schedules was examined passed and signed.  Our young friends of the S School and the Members of the Bible Class had their Social on Wednesday Jan 16th 1918 when a very enjoyable evening was spent.
Signed Jan 22nd 1918 W J Gadsby

Church Meeting held Jan 22nd with the Pastor in the Chair.  The meeting opened with prayer.  The minutes of the last meeting was read and confirmed.   Our Brother Mr Albert Smith took over the office of Church Treasurer and the Book with the Balance of £9 0 0 was handed over to him by the Pastor.  Our Sister Miss F Forsey took over the Treasurership of the Sunday School and the School Book with the Balance of £3 13 0 was handed over to her.  May God’s blessing rest upon them in their work for him.

The following resolution was proposed by Mr Jordan, and seconded by Mr Rowe – “We as a church deeply regret to learn our friend Mr Gadsby will shortly be leaving us for another sphere of labour.  We therefore would record that during Mr Gadsby ministry of nearly four years, great success and blessing has been experienced and that also, there have always been the greatest love and unity between Minister and people.  It is our earnest prayer that divine blessing will ever rest upon Mr & Mrs Gadsby and family, in all their future work, and in their new home they may have increased happiness and success.
F J Pavey 23rd Apr 1918

April 23rd 1918 Church Meeting.  Present Mrs S J Forsey, Mrs Spurdle, Mrs Jordan, Mrs Stroud, Mrs Green, Mrs Pavey, Messrs H D Row, J J Jordan, F J Pavey (Pastor). After hymn, reading and prayer, the minutes of the last meeting was read and signed.

The Church at Bishops Hull by letter from Secty applied for the transfer of Pastor W J and Mrs Gadsby.  Mr J J Jordan pro, and Mr H D Rowe sec.that the transfers be sent.

  1. The Church Anniversary & Recognition Services – pro by Mr Jordan, sec by Mr Rowe, to be held May 12th and 15th.  Preacher the Pastor Sunday May 12th, Wed service 3.45 p.m. Tea 5.30 p.m. Publc meeting 7 p.m. Preacher for afternoon if possible Rev J Clement Angel of Beaminster, failing him Rev FB Wyatt Axminster.  Tea at 5.30 pm, tickets 8d each.  Children of the Sunday School 6d each.  Mr Jordan suggested that Mr Bryant, Grecham, would be best to get provisions etc for us his suggestion was adopted.
    Evening meeting Chairman J S Prentice, Esq, Speakers Revs J Kneen, R Forsey, J
    C Angels, F B Wyatt.  Handbills to be obtained from Mr Baily Ilminster.  The Pastor to see to arrangements.
  2. Church meetings be held monthly on Thursday before Communion Service, to commence ¾ hour after the commencement of weekly prayer meeting Prop by Mr Jordan Sec by Mrs Spurdle.
  3. A Class for young people from about 15 – 20 years who have a desire for church fellowship and have any signs of coming out on the Lord’s Side was suggested by the Pastor, Pros by Mrs Jordan and sec by Mrs Stroud that the suggestion be adopted.

The meeting closed after prayer by Mr Jordan.
Signed F J Pavey 30th May 1918

May 30th 1918 Church Meeting after the Weekly Prayer Meeting, Present Mrs Forsey, Mrs Spurdle, Mrs Good, Mrs Loaring, Mrs Green, Mrs Pavey, Messrs Rowe, Jordan & F J Pavey (Pastor).  After prayer by the Pastor the minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

The transfer of the Pastor and his wife from Ilverton Congl church was accepted.

Chard & District Free Church Council applied for our affiliation fee for last year and this.  Pro by Mr Jordan, sec by Mr Rowe and carried that same be paid.

Sunday School Anniversary, was then considered.  Mr J S Prentice had been spoken to about the same, it was decided for the Pastor to take morning service, Mr Prentice afternoon and evening, the date July 7th or 14th which would be most convenient for Mr Prentice.  After a little consideration it was decided to have the SS Anniversary hymns from Sankeys Book, the Teachers & Organists to form a committee for the selection of same.  Decided not to go to the expense of printing bills for anniversary.  The childrens treat was then mentioned but it was decided to leave that until a later meeting, the meeting then closed with prayer.

Sunday School anniversary held July 7th Morning service the Pastor, After & Evening Service conducted by J S Prentice Esq JP very good time. 
Collection £1. 7. 7
Signed F J Pavey 4th July 1918

July 4th 1918
Monthly Church Meeting Present 6, Mrs S J Forsey, Mrs Good, Mrs Green, Mrs Stroud, Mrs Pavey & F J Pavey (Pastor).  The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed and as there was no other business the meeting closed with prayer by the Pastor.Signed F J Pavey 31st July 1918

July 31st 1918 Monthly Church Meeting 9 present Mrs Golsworthy, Mrs Green, Mrs Spurdle, Mrs Loaring, Mrs Forsey, Mrs Stroud, Mrs Jordan, Mr J Jordan & F J Pavey (Pastor).  After prayer by the Pastor, the minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

Harvest Thanksgiving service was fixed for Sept 8th.  Preacher the Pastor proposed by Mrs Stroud and seconded by Mrs Loaring, carried.

Proposed by Mr Jordan & sec by Mrs Stroud that the bill of 9/- for Sankey's Hymns be paid.

The Treat for Sunday School was considered, and as none of the Sunday School Teachers were present, that the Teachers fix date as early as possible.

The Pastor mentioned about the Rates of the Manse as he desired to know what the Church did as regard same, as there were payments made during the last pastorate, and nothing was recorded in the minutes and as there were not many present, decided to defer the matter to next meeting, meeting closed with prayer.
Signed F J Pavey, 29/8/1918

Sunday School Treat was held Sat Aug 10th 1918 in Mr A E Smith’s field.  A good number of the friends joined us at the tea in school room.  A very pleasant time was spent, the weather was ideal.  Usual games races etc.  Mr Smith lent 2 of his horses for the children to ride and Mrs Jordan brought a donkey for the same purpose.

August 29th 1918.  Monthly Church Meeting.  Present Mrs S J Forsey, Mrs Bridle, Mrs Stroud, Mrs Pavey, Messrs J Jordan, H Rowe & F J Pavey (the Pastor).   The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.  Arising from Minutes, decided to have Sale of Harvest gift on Tuesday 10th Sept.  The manse rates were discussed.  Proposed by Mr Jordan & sec by Mr Rowe, that the Church pay no part of the Rates, the Pastor to pay all and to be entered in the Minutes Book to that effect, as in the past it had only been done under special circumstances.  The Pastor mentioned that we should have to give some consideration to the finances of the Church.  The meeting closed with prayer by the pastor.
Signed F J Pavey, 3/10/18

September 8th The Harvest Thanksgiving Services were held.  Preacher Morning & Evening the Pastor.  Morning services not many more than an ordinary service present, but the evening about 130 present. The afternoon Rev J Cross of Cardiff conducted a young peoples service 55 present.  The collection for the day was £1. 11. 2.  On Tuesday the gifts of fruit, vegetables, were sold which made £4. 7. 6.

October 3rd 1918.  Monthly Church Meeting.  The Pastor presiding, Present 8, Mrs A Loaring, Mrs Phellps, Mrs Stroud, Mrs Jordan, Mrs Spurdle, Mrs Pavey & Mr J J Jordan.  After prayer, the minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.  There was not further business, the meeting closed with prayer.
Signed F J Pavey  28/11/18

Oct 31st 1918.  No meeting as only Mrs Forsey, my wife and self present, so many unwell with influenza.

Nov 11th 1918 The news was received of the signing of the Armistice with Germany at 5pm.  I decided to call a meeting together at 8pm for thanksgiving and prayer.  46 came after opening by hymns, reading, a few remarks and prayer.  The meeting was then led in prayer by Mr J J Jordan of our Church, Mr G Long, Brethren, Mr S Cross, Venn Church & Mr J Loaring Ebenezer Baptist, a good helpful time spent.  Praise God the great struggle ended.

November 28th 1918.  Monthly Church meeting.  the Pastor presiding.  Present 8, Mrs S J Forsey, Mrs Spurdle, Mrs Stroud, Mrs Pavey, Messrs H D Rowe, J Jordan & E Smith.  Opened with prayer.  the minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.  The Pastor proposed that consideration be given to erecting something to the memory of those of our Sunday School who had fallen during the Great War.  It was impossible (he stated) that we could do anything that was worthy of the sacrifice that they had all made, who were one time boys of our Sunday, yet he thought that something ought to be done, so that those following us should know who had fallen and who had served.  It was decided to consider the matter further at a later meeting.

The Pastor also asked that in the name of the Church he may be permitted to write to those serving, expressing our gratitude and appreciation of the service they had rendered and good wishes for Xmas and Coming Year.  It was decided that it should be done.

Then followed a consideration of the financial condition of the Church, Repairs had been done which amounted to just over £19 and also we had not received as in previous years the help from Mr Hugh Trenchard, and instead of £25 we should send to County Union £30 per year.  Several suggestion were made nothing definite decided upon, the Pastor was asked to write Mr H Trenchard, stating our condition and to know whether he could render any assistance, meeting then closed with prayer.
F J Pavey 2/1/1919

Jan 2nd 1919 Church meeting after payer meeting,  Pastor presiding.  Present 7, Mrs S J Forsey, Mrs Loaring, Mrs Stroud, Mrs Green, Mrs Jordan & Mr Jordan. The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.  The Income & Expenses for the past year as far as was ready for balance sheet were presented.  It was decided to hold a meeting of the members and subscribers on Mon Jan 13th to deal with a/cs and also to consider the suggestion of a memorial to the fallen and those who fought during the war.

A request was received from the LMS for our support of the Widows & Orphans Fund.  Decided to give Jan Communion Collected and to ask any outside help.  A postcard was received from the Church Aid & Home Missionary Society asking for something to be done for their centenary fund.  Meeting then closed with prayer.
Signed   F J Pavey 30/1/19

Jan 13th Meeting of Church & Congregation to present the Balance Sheet of the past year and also to consider the financial position of the Church.  The Pastor in the Chair.  Mr Jordan opened with prayer.

The Treasurers report given by the pastor in the absence of Mr Smith.  We commenced the year with a balance in hand of £8. 3. 1, weekly collections £19. 19. 4, Quarterly £5. 7. 6, Harvest £6. 2. 8, Recognition Services £1. 8. 3, Total £38. 9. 7 1/2.

Expenses – Supply in March 10/-, Incidentals £10. 2. 11½ , Repairs £20 .5. 10., County Union Evangelist Fund £13. 0. 0 (which should have been £30. 0. 0) – Total £43. 18. 9½
leaving a balance due to the Treasurer of    £2. 17. 11½.
The Communion Fund £1. 2. 4¼.  Sunday School income £4. 9. 6¼.

Suggestion were made as to what we could do to improve the financial position, the Pastor suggested a system of envelopes for the weekly offering, Mrs Loaring proposed and Mrs Stroud sec that we see what can be done as to how many would be willing to adopt it.

The proposed memorial tablet to the fallen and those who served during the war was then considered.  Decided for the Pastor to make enquiries as to cost etc.  meeting closed with the Benediction.
Signed F J Pavey 30/1/1919

Jan 30th 1919 Monthly Church meeting.  Present (7), Mrs S J Forsey, Mr & Mrs Jordan, Mrs Spurdle, Miss F Forsey, Mrs Pavey and F J Pavy, Pastor presiding after Prayer the minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.
Mr J J Jordan & The Pastor were appointed Delegates to the County Union.
The Church Anniversary was fixed (DD) for April 6th & 9th, Rev H Crowe of Merriott be asked to conduct the Sunday Service.

Wed Mr J S Prentice JP to take the Chair of Evening Meeting the Pastor to get speakers.  Rev F B Wyatt of Axminster as one.
The Preacher for the afternoon the late Pastor, W J Gadsby
F J Pavey 27/2/19

Feb 27 1919 Monthly Church meeting.  Present (6), Mrs Forsey, Mrs Spurdle, Mrs Jordan, Mr Jordan & F J Pavy, Pastor presiding, the minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.  it was found as the County Union Meeting were fixed for April 9th and 10th necessary to alter our anniversary services to a week earlier.
F J Pavey 27/3/19

Monthly Church Meeting March 27th
7 Present, Mrs Pavey, Mrs Forsey, Mrs Spurdle, Mrs Jordan, Messrs Jordan, Rowe & F J Pavey.  The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.  The arrangements were made for the tea of the Church Anniversary.  Mrs Jordan to give the order for things to Mr W T Bryant as before, to prepare for 40.  The Pastor proposed Miss Dolly Partridge before the Church as a candidate for Church fellowship.  Proposed by Mrs Jordan, and seconded by Mrs Pavy., that the Pastor and Mr H D Rowe interview her, the meeting then closed with prayer by The Pastor.
F J Pavey 1/5/19

Sunday March 30th 1919. Church Anniversary Services, the Preacher Rev C B Hughes of Hawkchurch.  Wed April 2nd preached at 4.15 the late Pastor W J Gadsby, of Bishops Hull, from Jno 12.32.  30 present, followed by Tea 35 present.  Evening public meeting Pastor in chair, Mr H D Rowe (Deacon) led in Prayer, Speakers Pastor W J Gadsby, R Forsey (Venn), one of our former Pastors J J Jordan (of Winsham) Mr W T Watson, Colporteur of Chard, about 70 present very good day.  Helpful addresses.

May 1st 1919   Monthly Church Meeting 7 Present.  Mrs Forsey, Mrs Stroud, Mr & Mrs Jordan, Mr H Rowe, Mrs Pavey and the Pastor presiding.  After prayer the Minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

Proposed by Mrs Stroud and seconded by Mrs Pavey that Miss Dorothy Partridge be accepted into fellowship carried. 

Sunday School Anniversary was considered decided to write Mr Prentice to know what date in July would be convenient to him, to use Sankey's hymns and to ask Mr Chas Phelps to help with the music.  The Pastor stated that he hoped to take his holiday during the month decided for Mr Jordan to supply one Sunday to be given a fee of 10/- and get local supply for the other Sunday.  Meeting then closed with Prayer.
Signed F J Pavey 29/5/19

May 29th 1919 Monthly Church Meeting, the Pastor presiding.   Present 6.  Mrs Pavey, Mrs Green, Miss Partridge, Mr & Mrs Jordan After prayer the Minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.  From the Minutes Mr Prentice had promised to come on Jly 13th for Sunday School Anniversary, afternoon and evening, decided not to go to the expense of bills for same.

The fire insurance was next considered, increasing the policy on account of rise in all material.  Proposed by Mrs Jordan & sec by Mrs Pavey that Messrs Smith, Rowe, Loaring, Spurdle, Jordan & Pavey meet to decide upon the matter.

The Childrens treat and railway fare reduction during June and early July was mentioned but as there was not many present decided to leave it until later.
 F J Pavey 3/7/19

July 3rd 1919 Monthly Church Meeting after the prayer meeting the Pastor presiding.  10 present Mrs  Loaring, Mrs Stroud, Mrs Forsey, Miss F Forsey, Mrs Spurdle, Miss Partridge, Mrs Pavey, Mr & Mrs Jordan, the minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

An increased cover for fire had been arranged by Mr Prentice with Mr Colthurst with the permission of the committee.
The scholars outing was considered decided to make application for price of conveyance etc and a meeting later be called to consider same meeting then close with prayer.
Signed F J Pavey 2/10/19

Aug 7th 1919
Monthly Church Meeting, Mr Jordan presiding, Mrs Jordan, Mrs Pavey & Miss Partridge present.  Decided to hold Harvest Thanksgiving September 14th and Rev J Cross of Cardiff to be the preachers.
Signed F J Pavey 2/10/19

Sept 14th 1919 the Harvest Service was conducted by Rev J Cross of Cardiff, good attendance at the evening service.  Young People’s service the afternoon, collection for the day one penny more than last year £1. 11. 3, Sale Monday night made £3. 10. 0.  Mrs F J Fry of Cricket St Thomas sent 10/- making a total of £5. 11. 3.

Oct 2nd Monthly Church meeting after the prayer meeting.  10 present  Mrs Forsey, Mrs Pavey, Mrs Spurdle, Mrs Bridle, Mrs Stroud, Mrs Loaring, Mrs Green, Mr & Mrs Jordan, the Pastor presiding, after prayer the minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

It was decided to make the County Union visitation as much a success as possible the date that Committee fixed as far as we know it would be the last Sunday & Monday of this month

The Pipe of stove in Chapel needed repairs decided for Mr Churchill to see to it as soon as possible.
As the lamp over chapel gate was out of repair decided to write the Parish Council for permission to use the one opposite.
It was suggested to try to fix up one of the lamp in centre of vestry to use for week night meeting.  Meeting then closed with prayer.
F J Pave 4/12/19

Sunday October 26th 1919 Rev J H Stranger of Othery, as Visitor in connection with the County Union visitation Committee.  Preached morning Romans 13.14, Paul on Xt, afternoon conduct a young peoples service, evening preached Isa 53.6 The Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all.  Fair number attended each service.  Morn 30, evening 63 present.

On Monday evening he met the Members of the Church and gave an helpful address on Xtian fellowship and church work and life, which closed with the Lord’s Supper.  13 of the members been present.  The Visitation proved very helpful to the church, which we hope will be repeated as time goes on.

October 30th At the prayer meeting when several heard for the first time the sudden Home Calling which occurred on 28th of the wife of Mr J S Prentice, Proposed by Mr J J Jordan that the pastor in the name of the church send a letter of sympathy to Mr Prentice & Family.  Mr & Mrs Prentice, their childhood and younger days were spent amongst this church and our sympathy naturally would be with the sorrowing ones but their sorrow is lighted with the Great Hope in Christ.
F J Pavey 4/12/19

Dec 4th 1919 church Meeting, 8 present, Mr & Mrs Jordan, Mrs Forsey, Mrs Bridle, Mrs Green Mrs Pavey, Miss Partridge & The Pastor presiding.  After prayer the minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

The Pastor mentioned the difficulty of carrying on the Sunday School on account of insufficient teachers and desired that if the members really could not give any help by attending if they would remember the school in special prayer.  A letter was read from the LMS re widows & orphans fund.  Prop by Mrs Pavy, & sec by Mrs Jordan that the January Communion offering be for that purpose and also to give others an opportunity to contribute to the fund.

A letter was read from Som Congl Union, re the effort made for the increase of Minister stipends.  The Pastor had replied as to what we were doing to endeavour to send in to Evangelist Society our full amount under exceptional circumstances.

Decided to have the Annual Meeting in January for members and subscribers to fill up schedules etc.
Suggested by the Pastor the desirability of having a social evening for the giving of Welcome to the men returned from military duties, no resolution passed upon matter, Meeting then closed with Prayer.
Signed F J Pavey 1/1/20

January 1st 1920 Monthly Church Meeting 8 present Mr & Mrs J J Jordan, Mrs Pavey, Mrs Stroud, Mrs Green, Mrs Spurdle, Miss Partridge, The Pastor presiding, the minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.  A few remarks were made upon the finances of the Church but the balance sheet was not ready.

The Church Roll was considered.  Mr & Mrs Hammond to be written to to enquire whether they wish a transfer, Mrs Cook to be visited to know whether she considers herself a Conglist or Plymouth Brethren, & Mr Cullen to be written re his membership.  The Childrens winter Treat was considered, the Teacher to fix date etc.
Meeting closed with prayer by pastor.
F J Pavey 4/3/20

Jan 8th 1920 Annual Meeting of Church & Congregation.  16 present.  Mrs Green, Mrs Forsey, Mrs Jordan, Mrs Bridle, Mrs Stroud, Mrs Loaring, Mrs Pavey, Misses Forsey & Partridge, Messrs H Rowe, Jordan, members of the congregation Mrs Appleby, Misses D Good & E Stroud, Mr Wm Spurdle, & the Pastor presiding.  Mr Jordan opened with prayer after hymn and reading.
The minutes of the last meeting of Church & Congregation were read.

The Pastor gave the Treasurers Report – Income, Weekly collection £26. 4. 4, Harvest Services & Sale £5. 11. 3, Quarterly subscription £5. 8. 0, Church Anniversary £1. 2. 2 ½, from Lantern Lecture 2/6, given by Mrs Appleby at this meeting 2/3.  Total £38. 10. 6 ½.

Expenses Incidental £10. 2. 7, Evangelist Society £25. 0. 0, Supply 10/-, Due to Treasurer on last year a/c £2. 17. 11½.  Total £38. 10. 6½.  No balances.

Communion Fund £1. 8. 7¾, LMS £2. 19. 1, Sunday School £2. 2. 6

£12 before the meeting was sent to Evangelist Society Pro by Mr Wm Spurdle & sec Mr J J Jordan the £13 be sent to make £25.

The state of building were considered and as far as could see repairs could not be done with the ordinary income so it was after discussion pro by Mr J J Jordan, sec Mr H D Rowe that we start a separate fund for repair & get up a special effort to meet it, separate a/c for the 2 funds. 

The Centenary of Church Aid & Home Missionary Society was considered and that at a convenient time the pastor try to get subscriptions.
The meeting then close with Prayer by the Pastor
F J Pavey

Feb 26th 1920 Jumble Sale proved successful total £

Mar 3 1920 Concert by Rev A T Cosford & friends from Chard  £

March 4th Church meeting after the Prayer meeting.  5 present Mrs Stroud, Miss D Partridge, Mr & Mrs Jordan, the Pastor presiding

The minutes of the last meeting were signed.

The church Anniversary was fixed for April 18th.  Rev H Crowe of Merriott be asked to preach.  & Wed 21st Rev A T Cosford preach afternoon, Evening Meeting Mr Prentice to preside Rev E William, A T Cosford & R Forsey speakers.  Meeting closed with prayer.
Signed F J Pavey 29/4/20

April 29th Church Meeting after the Prayer Meeting 6 present, Mrs Forsey, Mrs Green, Mrs Pavey, Miss Partridge, Mr Jordan & the Pastor, Presiding, The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

The Sunday School Anniversary was considered.  Pro by Miss Partridge & sec Mrs Forsey that have it as early as possible in July.  Mr Prentice to be asked to conduct same and Mr Rowe & Teacher select hymns as last year.  Pro by Mrs Jordan & Sec by Mrs Green.  Meeting closed with prayer.
F J Pavey 5/8/20

Aug 5th 1920. Church meeting after the Prayer meeting 10 present, Mrs Pavey, Mrs Jordan, Mrs Stroud, Mrs Loaring, Mrs Green, Miss D Partridge, Mrs Appleby, Mr Jordan & The Pastor presiding, The minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.

The School treat was considered and decided to accept Mr & Mrs Smith offer to hold it at Hillbarn Farm.  The repairs of the Chapel were next considered and decided for the Committee to meet as soon as possible to see what can be done.  The Harvest Service were next considered & decided to hold them as early in October as possible.  The Pastor to try to get Rev A T Cosford for the afternoon & evening and also if possible to fix up a Tea & Meeting for the week night.  Meeting then closed with prayer.
F J Pavey

Sept 2nd 1920 Church Meeting after the prayer meeting, Present 7, Mrs Forsey, Mrs Green, Miss D Partridge, Mrs Pavey, Mr & Mrs Jordan & The Pastor Presiding. The minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.

Arising out of the Minutes the Scholar Treat was held at Hillbarn Farm.  Proposed by Mr Jordan & carried unanimously that our best thanks be conveyed to Mr & Mrs Smith for their willing help and kindness in entertaining the School at their farm.  Also to Mr Bishop for loan of waggon for conveying the children their and also Mrs Appleby for her help.

Re Harvest Service the Pastor had seen Rev A T Cosford etc after the Chard Deacons had had their meeting he would let us know if he could come.  The Committee for the Renovation had not been able to meet on a/c of been busy with Harvest etc.

The Centenary of the Home Missionary & Church Aid Society’s fund was considered.  The Pastor promised to solicit what he could from the friends for the same.
F J Pavey 30/9/20

Sept 30th Church Meeting after the Prayer Meeting 8 Present Mrs Spurdle, Mrs Forsey, Mr & Mrs Jordan, Mrs Stroud, Mrs Pavey, Miss D Partridge & the Pastor presiding.  After prayer the minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.

The Pastor reported that the Men’s Committee for the renovations had met and had started to get tenders for the work.
Also that Rev A T Cosford was unable to come out for the Harvest Thanksgiving.
The Work of the Sunday School was talked over and also what could be done for the young people.  The meeting closed with prayer.
F J Pavey 2/11/20

Nov 4th 1920 Church meeting after the Prayer Meeting 9 present, Mrs Spurdle Mrs Stroud, Mrs Loaring, Mrs Bridle, Mr & Mrs Jordan, Mrs Pavey, Miss D Partridge, Pastor in chair. The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.The Pastor reported a start had been made with young peoples.Meeting closed, prayer.
F J Pavey 2/12/20

December 2nd 1920 Church meeting after the Prayer Meeting 9 present, Mrs Spurdle Mrs Stroud, Mrs Forsey, Mrs Green, Miss D Partridge, Mr & Mrs Jordan, Mrs Pavey, Pastor in chair.The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

The Pastor reported that the work of the YPSCE was certainly promising.

Also that we had received great help from the School in that Mr G Bishop had commenced duties as Supt of the Afternoon School, and that we could look forward hopefully for the future for the school, Meeting then close with prayer.
F J Pavey 30/12/20

December 30th 1920 Church meeting after the Prayer Meeting 8 present, Mesdames Spurdle, Stroud,  Green, Pavey, Jordan , Miss D Partridge, Messrs  Jordan &  Pavey.The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.  Next Thursday Jan 6th the date fixed for Annual Meeting of Church & Congregation to pass annual a/c at 7.45 after the service, meeting closed with prayer.
F J Pavey 3/3/21

Jan 6th 1921 Annual Meeting of the Church & Congregation.  10 present.  Mesdames Forsey, Loaring, Pavey, Appleby, Misses Bishop, Partridge, Messrs Spurdle, Bishop, Jordan.  The Pastor opened with prayer.  The minutes of the last Annual Meeting were read & signed. The Pastor read the Treasurers report in his Absence.

We had sent to The Evangelist Fund £26 of the £30 we were to send.  The Treasurer had £4 10 4 ½ in hand and sent word that if was present he should propose send £4 10   the 10/- a small amount towards the arrears of the past 2 years proposed by Mr Jordan & sec by Mr Wm Spurdle that that be done carried.  The total receipts for all sources were £126. 12 7 ½. 
Our thanks is due to a few friends for a new lamp over gate.

During the year we lost one of our old members Mrs A Pearce we regret – No additions to our fellowship during the year.  Average attend Morning Service 17 adult, 6 ch – total 21.

Evening Services 41 adult 7 ch, Total 48.

Week Night average for the year 12, but during the past 3 months an improvement, 16 average.

Thankful that although we got £71 10 for repairs there is also an increase in ordy income.
F J Pavey

September 7th 1921 Services in connection with the re-opening of our Chapel after repairs and redecoration were held.  At 4.15 p.m. Rev Richard Newell A.T.S. of Yeovil, the Secty of the County Union, preached from Matt 27.42

5.30 pm tea in schoolroom

6.45 pm Public Meeting Chairman J S Prentice Esq JP of Ilminster, Speakers Rev Geo S Woodeson of the Baptish Church Chard, Rev H Cheney of Axminster and Rev R Newell.  The Pastor-Evangelist, F J Pavey gave a brief statement of the finances of the Renovation fund.  Previous to commencing the work by Sales & Co £100 had been raised, the bills that had been received amount to £135 and other a/c not received would make it about £140, the collections at the 2 meetings amounted to £2.19. 4.  Mr R N Southcombe, Chairman of the County, who was unable to be present, promised £1.1.0, Mrs Jordan had undertaken secure money for a carpet for the pulpit and Mrs Appley to renew decorative cord and fringe of the Bible rest.  Mrs Bishop covering of organ bench, Mr Bishop board and stucco to inside of school porch which did not pass through the a/cs.

The work was carried out by Messrs W C Way  & Hutchings Bros of Thorncombe, with which every one seemed satisfied with the manner it was done and price charged.

The School-room badly needs repairs inside but that for want of money we must let remain over for a time.  On Sunday, September 11th these services were continued when the Preacher for the day Mr W J Gadsby the late Pastor when a pleasant and helpful day was spent.

Sunday April 30th 1922 Church Anniversary, Mr Wm Williams the newly appointed Pastor, conducted the services on Wed May 3rd we received a visit from our Moderator the Rev E P Powell MA who preached in the afternoon from 2 Theos 3.5, Tea followed in the schoolroom.

The evening meeting J S Prentice Esq JP presided who presented on behalf of the church to Mr & Mrs F J Pavey (the Pastor) a handsome striking clock, suitable inscribed, wishing Mr & Mrs Pavey every blessing in their new sphere at Kingsdon & Ilchester.  Helpful addresses followed by the Moderator and the Rev A T Cosford of Chard, a very good day.

An Account of the Establishment of the Dissenting Interest, Winsham

This account was copied from another book, not in the possession of the Winsham Chapel. It reflects a passionate belief in the rightness of the non-conformist cause.

At the Restoration of Charles the 2nd to the Regal authority of this Kingdom many truly pious and learned Divines who had with much honour filled the chairs of the Doctors in the Universities, and the Pastoral charge in the churches during the Interregnum of Commonwealth of England, were ejected to the number of 2,000 according to the account of the very worthy Dr Calamy, deprived of their livings, and by the power of the King, Nobles and Commons passing the Act of Uniformity in 1662 were set aside as public teachers and silenced on pain of great penalty touching their person property and life.  Under this tyranny many godly families for conscience sake, were forced to secede from the Episcopal Church as established by the laws of England: and suffer the lot of their truly honourable, well beloved, venerable sequestered Pastors.  This moved the jealousy of the Crown so that these excellent and reverend persons with all their adherents were roughly handled by both church and state.  Monarchy rode rampant and the mitre triumphant, while the sweet twins of Heaven Religious and Civil Liberty lay expiring under the wounds of tyranny and bigotry; Temporal and Spiritual power combining to effect the irrevocable fall of all that is dear to Christians and enlightened men.  This reign brought forth the Book of Sports a God dishonouring production, an eternal stain upon the hand that wrote it, and the power, which suffered it to appear.  Indeed Satan sat enthroned in his glory all the life of this Prince he died 1685.  James Duke of York succeeded him, was crowned 1685, was a brave and intrepid warrior, but a timid and pusillanimous Prince, he held out false lights of freedom while the core of his heart was foul and rotten papistry: in this year the Duke of Monmouth and his followers faintly stirred for freedom, but unsupported he fell a sacrifice with many of his worthy men. William of Nassau Prince of Orange under divine favour assisted by the Nobles and gentry of England was raised to accomplish the glorious ends of delivering the Protestant interest from the tyranny of James and entanglements of the Church of Rome: Nov 4th 1688 religious and civil freedom set her foot on British ground, shook the throne of James, and roused the spirits of the free born sons of Britain.  On Dec 12th 1688 James the 2nd abdicated the British throne, went off to Ireland and at the battle of the Boyne was completely routed and disrobed of all his royalty: after troubling the land 3 years he fled and became a pensioner on France and Rome.  Thus ended the unhappy reign of the Stuarts, and tyranny of the Papal power.  William the third mounted the throne April 11th 1689 with these peerless jewels in his royal diadem Religious and Civil Liberty.  May the crown of Britain long shine illustrious in these

splendid ornaments.  King William of glorious memory, the most noble Peers with the right honourable the commons of the realm (in parliament assembled) these three great estates of the British Empire by virtue of their separate prerogatives in the constitution of the Kingdom did by an Act of Parliament unite the royal most noble and right honourable authority in solemn confirmation of the rights and privileges of the Nation, that all subjects enjoy universal toleration in matters of religion, this extended to all Protestant members of the British Empire to pay Divine worship to Almighty God, where and how their consciences might direct them.  On this memorable event many honourable and wealthy families of Winsham and its vicinity took shelter under the Act, licensed a house, congregated together called and settled a Pastor, and worshipped God under their own vine and fig tree, none daring to make them afraid God, the King, the Nation, and the Law allowing it. 

This church leaves this declaration on record.

We do not object Kings we do not object most noble Peers, we do not object puissant Princes, we do not object right honourable Persons we do not object the gentry of the land.
We do heartily object Tyranny, slavery, papacy and its remains
Protest against it, and are
March 25 1791

Winsham Record of Ministers and Events Surround Them

Late 17th Century until 1791

The names of the Divines who laboured at Winsham in the middle of the 16th century I could not obtain.  It is very certain that the Rev. Saml Bolster ministered in the congregation the latter part of the last century, how long is not accurately known.  The interest was numerous and rich.  This gentleman was succeeded by the Rev Simon Grinstead who preached and taught school:  The church put a house in order, and set it apart for Divine worship, the lease is dated 1703.  Mr Grinstead continued in the work of the gospel until the year 1726 when he left this part, and was followed by four of the neighbouring Ministers, their churches consenting to their attending in monthly succession, these were the Revd Mr. Strong, Rev Mr. Knight, Rev Mr. Batten, Rev Aaron Pitts who officiated in 1737: on these Divines declining the Rev Mr. Bradshaw was appointed to the charge of the congregation and became resident Minister, in 1739 when he removed the Rev Mr. Samuels in conjunction with others laboured.  After this the Revd Mr. Damer was here, sometime about the year 1750.  This gentleman quitted the work and many of the Lord’s dear servants gave their attendance till the Rev Mr. Patrick engaged to supply constantly: this was about the year 1756.  On this gentleman withdrawing the Rev Mr. Harley was settled Minister over the church during this gentleman’s life, the members built a new house of worship and gave up and vacated the old one in the year 1760: this Minister was called to his rest soon after he occupied his new place of labour and is interred under the pulpit.  After his departure several of the Pastors of the adjacent churches took the work amongst them, and kept open the doors until the Rev Mr. Phillips was called over the people; and was an inhabitant of Winsham in the year 1772.  During this Minister’s abode Mr Pocock attended at the Lord’s table: these gentlemen gave up their charge and were followed by the Rev Mr. Bryant who was many years concerned in the labour of the gospel at Winsham, he was here about the year 1777, when this Minister ceased attending, many as opportunity served, gave their labours, as the Rev Mr. Pittard, Rev Mr Herdsman, Rev Mr Glasscott, Rev Mr Rowles, Mr Pitts, Mr Hay and others occasionally.  On these gentlemen dropping it the Rev Mr Hatch became stated a few years, 1782; on his shutting up preaching, the place was occupied by the Rev Thos David 1783 he continued a probationer till the year 1788 when the church called and ordained him Pastor: he became resident at Winsham until the year 1790 when he withdraw to London, the present incumbent took the charge, and solicits his successors carefully to register the transactions of the Church and not let them drop into oblivion.

March 25 1791.

Late 17th Century until 1791

The Rev John Hemsworth was succeeded by the Revd Harrington who continued the pastor for some years, when circumstances necessitated his removal.  In 1810 the Rev Wm Durnford from Plymouth Dock took the charge, and the cause became a very flourishing one.  The old Chapel being found too small and inconvenient, a new one was built in 1811 together with a dwelling house for the Minister adjoining, and a piece of ground behind the Chapel was given for a garden for the Minister by Mr Hugh Trenchard of Maudlin.  During Mr Durnford’s pastorate, several new Chapels were built in the neighbourhood, and the congregation at Winsham, which crowded the Chapel when first erected, declined considerably in consequence: many of the members, and others, attaching themselves to the new places, as nearer their own residences.  Mr Durnford died in 1829 and was succeeded in 1830 by the Rev Thos Childs of Mevagissey, who was in delicate health when he came and lived only till 1832.

The Revd. John Wells of Lambrook became the next Minister in 1832, and continued till 1836.  The cause had now dwindled down to a very low ebb, and as a change of Minister was considered desirable, Mr Wells was requested to leave, and in 1837 the Revd David Evans from Stringstone Somerset succeeded him.  Mr Evans continued here till 1859 when he was afflicted with an illness which confined him to his bed for six months, and left him in such a shattered state of health, that it was suggested to him to resign, which he did.  The cause still continued in a dead and lifeless state during the whole of Mr Evans’ residence here, and the congregation very small.  After Mr Evans, the Revd John Cooke Westbrook was called to the pastorate at Michaelmas 1859 and filled the office until Xmas 1861, when he resigned the charge in consequence of ill health.  He was a delicate man, and totally unfit to combat with the mass of sin and error which for so long a time had been accumulating in this place.  There was, however, a little sign of revival during his ministry, and a slight increase in the congregation.  At his suggestion this book was bought and all the records of the church, and other entries made in it up to this time but he quite neglected to keep it up and all the transactions during his ministry were obtained and entered after he left.

In February 1862 the Rev W. Gooby late of Alexandria, Egypt, received a cordial and affectionate invitation to become the Pastor which he accepted.  In April of the same year he was solemnly set apart to the work of the Christian Ministry.  He continued to exercise his ministry with considerable acceptance until December 1864 when he resigned the pastorate in consequence of his having received and accepted a call to the Congregational church in Newbury.  During his pastorate the school-room was erected.

In January 1865 the Rev Thomas M Prentice, of Maryborough, Ireland, received a unanimous invitation to become the pastor.  This invitation he accepted. In May of the same year he was ordained to the Christian ministry.  During his ministry the Chapel was thoroughly renovated and repaired, and candles with which the Chapel had been previously lighted, gave place to paraffin lamps to the great comfort of the worshippers.

Nov 13th 1882 At a public meeting called for the purpose a Purse containing Twenty six sovereigns was presented to the Rev T M Prentice on his removal to Tettenhall Wood Congregational Church Staffordshire.

Jan 7th 1883 The Revd Alfred Griffin of Bath having accepted an invitation from the Church and Congregation commenced his pastorate.

November 1892 the Rev J Hall began his pastorate which lasted until December 23rd 1894.  The congregations had gone down and for 6 months the services were conducted by various Brethren from Chard and Ilminster.

Mr Fred Wm King was appointed Evangelist and began his work on Sunday June 2nd 1896.  Closed I Nov 29th 1899, having accepted the pastorate of Charmouth Church.

Mr H Hammond was appointed on Dec 1 1899 and commenced his ministry Jan 7th 1900.  Many particulars of ministry entered in printed report and minutes.  Mr Hammond closed this period of his ministry here Sept 13th 1903 to take up work in Oakehill district.

October 28 1903.  Mr John Jeremiah Jordon, of Pitney and Low Ham, commenced his ministry here, which owing to failing eye sight he had to close Oct 26th 1905.

Nov 5th 1905 Mr Weardale Phillips commenced his ministry; further particulars in printed reports and minutes, was ordained after passing County Union Exam and left for Enfield, after closing his ministry here Feb 24th 1907.

March 10th 1907, Mr Hammond came from Nettlebridge to again take up the ministry here but as stated in minutes closed his ministry Dec 6th 1908.

Jan 7th 1909 Mr J Taylor of Lydeard St Lawrence commenced his work here, see minutes for particulars, June 25th 1911 left for Broadwindsor.

July 16th 1911 Mr Edgar J Stamps of Honiton commenced his work here as Evangelist.  March 1914 removed to Lydeard St Lawrence as Evangelist there.

April 1914 Mr W J Gadsby removed from Kingsdon and Ilchester to take up his work here and remained until February 1918 when he left to take the pastorate of Bishops Hull, Taunton.

Mar 14th 1918 Frederick John Pavey from Milverton and Bishops Lydeard commenced duties here, removed to Kingsdon and Ilchester May 16th 1922.

Mr W Williams removed from Kingsdon and Ilchester on May 16th 1922 and rendered valuable service to the Church until April 20th 1925.  His services were appreciated by all.  Removed to Bishops Hull.

Mr H J Haggett commenced duties here on June 24th 1925.  He had previously been engaged in missionary work.  His ministry was active and greatly appreciated by many.  During his stay the schoolroom was renovated including the outside steps, the manse repaired and also money raised for the manse roof.  A YPS was formed, which helped the life of the church.  The cradle roll was introduced to the Sunday School and a Sunday School hymn book procured for its use.  He closed his ministry on Sunday, Sept 25th having received a call from the church at Milborne Port at the farewell communion service 4 were welcomed into membership.

Winsham Chapel Evangelists: 1895-1927
EvangelistFromCommencedRemovedTo Where Removed
Fredk Wm King1899 Nov 29th1895 June 2ndCharmouth, Dorset
Henry HammondLondon1900 Jan 7th1903 Sep 13thNettlebridge
John Jeremiah JordanPitney1903 Oct 28th1905 Oct 26th
(on account of failing eyesight)
Weardale PhillipsLopen1905 Nov 5th1907 Feb 24th OrdainedEnfield Church
Henry HammondNettle1907 Mar 10th1908 Dec 6thRetired and lived for a while in Bridge, Winsham
John TaylorLydiard1909 Jan 7th1911 June 25thBroadwindsor Dorset St Lawrence - Lay Pastor
Edgar J StampsHoniton1911 Jul 16th1914 Apr 26thLydiard St Lawrence, Devon
Walter J GadsbyKingsdon1914 May 3rd1918 Feb 24thBishop's Hull (Lay Pastor) and Ilchester
Frederick John PaveyMilverton1918 Mar 14th1922 MayKingsdon & Ilchester and Bishops Lydiard
William WilliamsKingsdon1922 May 16th1925 Apr 30thBishops Hull (Lay Pastor) & Ilchester
Hubert John Haggett1925 June 24th1927 Sept 30thMilborne Port (Lay Pastor)