Winsham cartoon village map showing the church, primary school, jubilee hall and community shop with fields, cows and sheep. Created by Bethany Fowler as the header banner for the Winsham Web Museum.
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Orginally published Jan 2021
Last updated Jul 2021

There is evidence of a school in the parish since 1705, and it is believed that a school of some type existed earlier. In the eighteenth century it only catered for eight children. In 1813 new premises were acquired, and a school for twenty-four girls and twenty-four boys was established. The existing building dates from 1850, and at the turn of the twenty first century, accommodated some fifty children aged four to eleven.  Numbers then dropped to a level seventeen where its continuation was endangered (2007), but by 2009 this problem looks to have been averted as the number of children attending increased. Early in 2012 the number had risen to thirty-one, a significant figure as improved funding levels were triggered at that point.