Winsham cartoon village map showing the church, primary school, jubilee hall and community shop with fields, cows and sheep. Created by Bethany Fowler as the header banner for the Winsham Web Museum.
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Credits & Acknowledgements

Orginally published Apr 2016
Last updated Aug 2021

Credit Goes to a Lot of People!

The enthusiasm and work of a large number of people made our village Web Museum possible. The list grows as the years go by, and is in addition to credits often given specifically alongside contributions in the body of the Museum.

Winsham Web Museum cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of information  provided by  contributors or opinions expressed by them. We are not responsible for the content  of external websites with whom the site may have links .Where photographs have been submitted for inclusion in the Winsham Web Museum the copyright is assumed to belong to the person who submitted it, or that they have authority to do so from the copyright holder.

A History of Winsham
Millennium Book

Adapted for the web by John Sullivan, helped by the Millennium Book Committee, Malcolm Howard & Bob Osborn.

The Parish of Winsham
Winsham School
Winsham Agriculture
Winsham at Play
Winsham at Worship
Winsham at War
Winsham Parish Council

Nick George, Stella Abbey, Janet Smart

Natural Sciences

Winsham at Work

Robert Shearer, Richard and Anne Rose, Denis McCallumPhil Kershawand many othersResearched and written by John Sullivan.


Individually credited throughout the website where possible

Starting a Web Museum

John Sullivan & Bob Osborn

Original Web Museum Management Committee

John Sullivan (Chairman), , Peter Duffel, Jackie George, Bob Osborn, Janet & Roy Smart, Stella Abbey, Joan Aslett, Paul Smith,  Jean Thompson

Original Website

Design - Bob Osborn

Web Photo Manipulation & Optimisation - Bob Osborn

On-going Web Management

John Sullivan (2003 - 2021)

New Website (2021)

Design, Creation and Information Migration - Bethany Fowler