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Orginally published May 2021
Last updated Aug 2021

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Plot No.SurnameFirst Name(s)Date(s)HeadstoneInscription
A14OrrettLily L1916Yes - joint with A13Our Lily. Aged 30 years. "Not my will o God but thine be done"
A14NorthcombeDouglas Walter1930Yes - joint with A13Douglas Walter Northcombe Died August 15th 1930
A13NorthcombeOlive K (CH)1896Yes - joint with A14In loving memory of Olive the dearly loved daughter of W and M Northcombe who died March 13th 1896 aged 6 years. "Of such is the kingdom of heaven"
A13OrrettI. E. N2008Yes - joint with A14
A15SpencerEllen1903Yes - joint with A16In loving memory of Ellen the dear wife of D.H Spencer, Vicar, who fell asleep 17th Feb 1903. Aged 63 years.
A16SpencerErnest Champreys1919Yes - joint with A15Also of their son Ernest Champreys Spencer who died December 2nd 1919 aged 44 years. "They will be done"
A17GordonJohn Wood1900Yes - joint with A18"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes. Ease after toil, port after stormy seas, peace after war, death after life, doth greatly please"
In loving memory of John Wood Gordon, Major I.S.C. late 59th Regt.
Born July 21st 1855, died at Winsham August 13th 1900
A18GordonFlorence1946Yes - joint with A18Florence Gordon - beloved mother born Feb 2nd 1852, died July 2nd 1946
A19PerhamFanny1901YesPeace Perfect Peace
In loving memory of Fanny, the beloved wife of the late Frederick Perham of Pauls Ash. Born Febry 23rd 1836. Died March 8th 1901.
Also of Frederick Perham husband of the above, born July 1st 1829. Died Febry 7th 1877. Interred in the churchyard. Also of Frederick Wm Perham, grandson of the above and only son of Robert and Annie Perham born at Pauls Ash April 8th 1893. Died of wounds received on active service near Ypres. Sept 29th 1918.
A4SawyerC. G1987
A5Sawyer E. K1985
A6Sawyer E. J1956
A7Lawrence S1948
A8Norris M. A1947
A8Norris W. A. S1953
A9Lawrence S1921
A9Lawrence C1941
A10Miller J1907
A10Norris L1915
A10- Norris (CH)1927
A11Singleton A1917
A11Singleton E1924
A12Jeffery W. J1899
A12Jeffery W1919
A20Raisen W. M1912
A20Raisen F. E1928
A21Symes E1918
A21Symes M1937
A22Hodder E1907
A22Hodder W1921
A23Hodder J1893
A24Phillipps C1926
A24Phillipps J1955
A25Page S1892
A25Page J1892
A26Harnley S1899
A27Bradford J. J1892
A28Harvey I (CH)1892
A29Harvey R1894
A30Harvey J (CH)1892
A39Lawrence C. C1980
A39Lawrence I2000
A40Bowden G. E1979
A40Bowden M1980
A41Brown F. L1979
A41Brown W. G1984
A42Woodroffe D1978
A42Loveluck E1984
A42Loveluck J. B (ashes)1996
A42Loveluck B. M2011
A43Fawcett P. H1978
A43Fawcett T2004
A44Hollins E. N1978
A44Hollins C. E1979
A45Baugartner F1977
A46Eyland M. A1977
A47Hunt M. H1994
A47Hunt M. B1996
A48Hammett F. J. M1975
A48Hammett H. J1980
A49Ebdon R. P1974
A49Ebdon E. M2004
A50Bateson B. G. K1974
A50Bateson B. L1994
A51Miles M1974
A52Staple I. L1978
A52Staple E. M1982
A53Bray M. E. V1980
A53Bray J1984
A54Brown W T1982
A56Evans S. D2010
A57Hayball L. R1996
A57Hayball J
K1Scott M (ashes)1996
K2Jones G. S (ashes)1998
K2Jones E. W (ashes)2003
K3Ratchford (ashes)1999