Winsham cartoon village map showing the church, primary school, jubilee hall and community shop with fields, cows and sheep. Created by Bethany Fowler as the header banner for the Winsham Web Museum.
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Researching Your Family

Orginally published May 2021
Last updated Aug 2021

Researching the origins of ones family is an exercise that holds great fascination for many. Not so many years ago it was often a process that took up a great deal of time and effort. With the growth of the internet since the last decade of the twentieth century, together with the digitalisation of many public records, the task became much quicker and even more enjoyable.

This development is demonstrated in the case of Winsham. The work of Judy & Ted Hodges in transferring the Winsham Parish Records of baptisms, marriages and burials for the period from 1559 (the second year in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I) until 1885 (the 48th year of the other great English Queen - Victoria) from Microfiche, suppled by the Somerset County Archive, to Excel was a labour of love of truly heroic proportions. After the completion of this work, transfer to the Winsham Web Museum was an easy one, making the information available to anyone who is interested.

Over the years, people have performed their own research on their Winsham family history or about the village in general and have been kind enough to pass on their findings to the Winsham Web Museum, for you to enjoy.