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The Mummers Play – 2013

Orginally published Dec 2013
Last updated Jan 2021

Performed before an audience of some eighty people at the Jubilee Hall, on the evening of December 1st, 2013 by the Winsham Players, directed by Stella Abbey. Twenty years had elapsed since it was first presented to a Winsham audience in 1993, when it was done on a much smaller scale. Some of the same cast that took part in the earlier production also participated in the 2013 version.

An ancient folk drama. Its origins are obscure and its authorship unknown. It was customarily performed at inns and large private houses during the twelve days of Christmas. The most obvious theme is Death and Returning to Life, which is why the play was usually performed at the end of December: the old year dies, but life returns in the new year. This may be a calendar date for us, but for other cultures the celebration focused on the winter solstice, when the sun began to renew its strength.

Over the centuries, historial references were added, to emphasis the battle between light and dark: St. George fights the enemies of Britain, the Turkish Knight links us to the Crusades, but other 'champions' are unexplained - interpret them as you like!

The Doctor means the renewal, but retains a good earthy regard for his own profit.

Stella Abbey

Photo of the play, all looking at St. Patrick
Left to right: Peter Saunders, Katie Hobbs, Liz Hobbs, Chloe Besley, Anne Rose, Mandy Tompkins, Diana Kershaw and Robert Shearer
Photo of the play, St. George killing the dragon
Philip Kershaw (dragon) and Robert Shearer (St. George)
Photo of the play, St. George fighting the dragon
Robert Shearer (St. George) and Philip Kershaw (dragon)
St. Patrick, St. George and the doctor
Chloe Besley, Robert Shearer and Diana Kershaw
Photo of the play
Mick Upton (music) and Daniel Knight
King walking away from St. George
Robert Shearer and Elaine Willis
King fighting
Mick Upton, Elaine Willis and Daniel Knight
Dragon and St George
Philip Kershaw and Robert Shearer
Dragon and St George fighting
Robert Shearer and Philip Kershaw
Dragon and St George
Katie Hobbs and Peter Saunders
Dragon and St George fighting
Robert Shearer and Rita Miller
Philip Kershaw (dragon)
Group photo
Group photo with numbers

The Cast

1. Mandy Tompkins (Colonel Spring), 2. Anne Rose (Room), 3. Diana Kershaw (Doctor), 4. Philip Kershaw (Dragon), 5. Peter Saunders (Antony-King of Egypt), 6. Daniel Knight (General Valentine), 7. Robert Shearer (St. George), 8. Brian Turner (Father Christmas), 9. Chloe Besley (St. Patrick), 10. Mick Upton (Musician), 11. Rita Miller (Captain Bluster), 12. Liz Hobbs (Turkish Knight), 13. Katie Hobbs (Daughter), 14. Elaine Willis (Gracious King)

Special thanks for extra help from Janet Sparks (painting) and Carla Sheills (Movement)

Photographs :Annie Dent  & John Sullivan