Winsham cartoon village map showing the church, primary school, jubilee hall and community shop with fields, cows and sheep. Created by Bethany Fowler as the header banner for the Winsham Web Museum.
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Mak the Sheep-Stealer

Orginally published Jan 1995
Last updated Jan 2021

Starring a live sheep! And Anne Rose, Jean Thompson, Philip Kershaw, Edie Jones, Alex Carroll, Roger Barrett, Katie Cunliffe, Pam Barrett, Mandy Tompkins and Mary Payne. Produced by Stella Abbey.

Programme for the show
Photo from the play
?, Roger Barrett, ? and Philip Kershaw
Photo from the play
Jean Thompson, Anne Rose, ?, ?, ?, Roger Barrett, Pam Barrett and Philip Kershaw
Photo from the play
?, Philip Kershaw and Jean Thompson
Photo from the play
? and Anne Rose
Group photo of the players
Top row, left to right: Jean Thompson, Edie Jones, ?, Anne Rose, Roger Barrett, Philip Kershaw
Bottom row: Pam Barrett, ?, ?, ?