Winsham cartoon village map showing the church, primary school, jubilee hall and community shop with fields, cows and sheep. Created by Bethany Fowler as the header banner for the Winsham Web Museum.
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Marjorie Fowler

Orginally published Jul 2021
Last updated Jul 2021

My Gran and Winsham

This is a filmed oral history of the early life of Marjorie Fowler by her granddaughter Bethany Fowler.

At the end of the film, it shows the presentation on Wednesday 17th October 2021 in Winsham Jubilee Hall.

'During my A-Levels, I made the decision to do an extended project qualification (EPQ). For the project, I decided that I would produce a filmed oral history of my Gran and her early life in my village, Winsham. When I made this film, my Grandmother was 87 years old and had lived in Winsham her whole life, she has memories and stories of how things have changed in the village, and transformation that have happened all over England, as my Gran was fourteen when World War II broke out and she explained how her life changed because of it. I wanted to record some of my Gran's memories so that I could keep them to look back on when I'm older and even show future generations how my Gran lived. The film is an hour long, please bear in mind due to my lack of expertise and basic equipment available to me, the film is very amateur. I hope you enjoy it. At the end of the film is are the video clips of me presenting my film to my village on Wednesday 17th October.'

Bethany Fowler