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Jubilee Hall Hiring

Orginally published Nov 1947
Last updated Jan 2021

Hiring the Jubilee Hall for a Wedding


Wedding Receptions were a regular features at the Jubilee Hall in the middle of the last century. And this receipt issued by Winsham Parish Council, demonstrations that then, as now, the hall offered a low cost solution to the problem of catering for a medium sized celebration. Of course, then, cost was not the only consideration. Not many people has cars, so it was not so easy to travel from Church to another venue. Even then £1 7s 6p however it was reasonably priced, as would be the Jubilee Hall today. The present value of this figure, using Retail Prices Index as a guide would be about £50 (as 2016). Today (2016) the hire of the Jubilee Hall would cost about £100 for a similar event - still very reasonable. It provides a charming and well equipped venue, well worth consideration.

The ownership and management of the Jubilee Hall transferred to the Jubilee Hall Management Committee in 1965.

Jubilee hall receipt of hire 1947
Jubilee Hall Receipt of Hire